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Brody Criz made the most epic bar mitzvah invitation ever (VIDEO)

You guys! Have you gotten the video invite for Brody Criz’s bar mitzvah? It’s the coolest!

Criz, with the help of his adorable family and Billboard’s top 5 hits “Happy,” “All of Me,” “Let It Go,” “Blurred Lines” and Lorde’s “Royals” just dropped a video invitation to his upcoming bar mitzvah, and it’s safe to say he wins. He wins the Old Testament, the internet, life, our love forever.

He doesn’t just dance and sing — he’s got jokes too. In this “Bar Mitzvah Fantasy” video, he sings the tune of “Happy” to the lyrics “because I’m Jewish,” and grooves to the beat in a black hat replete with curled sideburns. But the absolute pinnacle of the video is his pixelated nude “Blurred Lines” dance.

To every girl in Brody’s class: Lock that down. You might not think he’s the coolest guy in school, but he is.

And Brody, we’re all available if you want to invite us to your bar mitzvah. Call us!

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