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10 Legitimately nice things to say to a pregnant woman

Here are a few examples of what not to say to a random pregnant woman you meet: “You look like you’re having twins,” “Are you overdue,” “Bet it’s going to be any day now.” Now that we’ve cleared that up, keep these 10 compliments in mind the next time you see a pregnant lady on the street.

You’d be surprised at how many backhanded compliments you receive once you have a baby in your belly. This begs the question: What is the appropriate reaction if you would like to comment on a pregnant woman’s humps and lovely lady lumps?

1. “Being pregnant suits you”

One BabyCentre UK mom says this was the best pregnant compliment she had ever received.

2. “Congratulations”


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You can never, ever go wrong in congratulating a pregnant woman. If you’re worried about commenting on her appearance for better or worse, try one of these: congratulations, congrats, hooray, good for you, huzzah!

3. “That’s the perfect bump”

I love you

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As one Reddit mom confirms, “Nice stranger comments really are great. A woman behind me in line at a food stand was going on about how I had ‘the most perfect bump.’ I don’t know how she figures that, but I’ll take it!”

4. “There’s no way this is baby number three”


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Are you saying that I don’t look like I’ve had one child, let alone three? Please, tell me more.

5. “You are adorable”


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So simple, so sweet. All pregnant women need to hear this more often. Another Reddit mom shares her story: “Yesterday, I was in the grocery store with my husband, and a random woman came up to me and was like, ‘Oh my God, you have the most adorable baby bump I’ve ever seen! Congratulations!'”

6. “You are all belly”


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Body image is a daily struggle for the pregnant lady. One BabyCenter mom says, “I love to hear, ‘Wow, you are all belly.’ I know it’s a load of crap, but [it] still makes me smile.”

7. “You look great”


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A mother on the What to Expect forum explains the beauty of the simple compliment she received from an employee at an ice cream shop: “Instead of commenting on how big I was or some other offhanded ‘compliment’ that people seem to think is appropriate when in reality it’s not, she says, ‘Wow! You look great!’ This left me smiling and not feeling like I was a big fat cow for the ice cream I just bought! Now, if only more people could compliment us pregnant ladies like that!”

8. “You make pregnancy look easy”

Every expecting mom wants to hear that she doesn’t look as overwhelmed as she feels during pregnancy. In fact, every mom wants and needs to hear this for the rest of her mom life.

9. “You’re glowing”


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When in doubt, rely on the most cliché, yet most effective, pregnancy compliment in the book: “The girl at the check-in desk at 24 Hour Fitness said, ‘Oh, you look so cute, and you are glowing!’ It made my day. Why can’t everyone always say the right thing?”

10. “You’re the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen”


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This Reddit mom’s story is enough to turn any pregnant woman into a puddle of happiness. Be still, my heart: “I was like 8 bizmillion weeks pregnant and feeling huge and disgusting. I was standing outside of my husband’s station (he’s a paramedic) with him and a bunch of the other guys. One of them, a good friend of my husband’s, would not take his eyes off me. Naturally, I felt self-conscious… I was getting upset, so I said, ‘Dude, what?’ He laughed, took my hand and said, ‘God, I’m so sorry I’m staring. I’m being rude. You are just the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.'”

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