10 Rich Babies of Instagram who have more money than you

Mar 5, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. ET

We all know Instagram isn't reality, but this is getting a little out of hand. First, it was the Rich Kids of Instagram, next it was the Rich Dogs of Instagram, and inevitably, now it is the Rich Babies of Instagram, covered in piles of money and jewels.

The phrase "If you've got it, flaunt it" comes to mind. I just never thought that parents would take this so literally by flaunting their fat stacks of cash and fancy cars alongside their babies. Unless these lavish #richbabiesofinstagram pics are a joke and we are all being fooled, wealthy parents on Instagram are officially using their babies as a status statement.

Check out the 10 richest babies on Instagram, and try not to be jealous:

1. Baby in a Beemer


Driving your own mini BMW before you graduate preschool? Now that's living the good life.

2. Baby in Burberry


Just a super adorable rich baby in Burberry like it ain't no thang.

3. Baby Versace


If this baby's all-white Versace ensemble doesn't make you #jelly, nothing will.

4. Cha-ching


Even Joe Jonas couldn't get enough of this cute tot waving a wad of cash like a boss. When he shared the video to Instagram, it got close to 100,000 likes.

5. Insta-rich


We get it — you have lots of money. You also have a really adorable baby.

6. Little prince


Only the finest things for this dapper dude who probably hasn't even learned to walk yet. (Don't scuff those shoes!)

7. Little princess


This sweet baby's mother isn't shy as she poses her among her jewels with the caption, "Please call me rich babe!"

8. Richie Rich


This baby is living out my lifelong Scrooge McDuck fantasy: I've always wanted to swim in a pile of money.

9. Poppin' bottles


Not the kind of bottle you would expect a 6-month-old to pop, but what do I know?

10. Solid gold


Because every baby needs a gold ring — as long as it isn't a choking hazard.

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