10 Cliché mom styles that are actually really cool

I’ll be the first person to say that mom jeans should never come back, no matter what the kids at Urban Outfitters think. But when you look back at the history of mom style, there are a few highlights. You can lead the mom revolution by wearing these cute mom throwbacks at the next PTA meeting.

If you’re a mom, if you’ve had a mom, if you know a mom — you might have a few of these retro mom trends in your closet. It’s time that we moms band together and make #momcore fashion cool again, starting with these top 10 picks.

1. Cat sweater

Image: Steffy’s Pros and Cons

Are you a crazy cat lady? Nay, you are a mom. There is a fine, yet distinct, line between the two.

2. Giant purse


(Etsy.com, $57)

Giant mom purses are for holding crackers, Band-Aids and maybe a flask on a rough day. What better way to tote your goodies than with an awesomely oversized Ramones rockabilly bag?

3. House coat

Image: Polka Polish

Housecoats are to moms like Frozen is to an impressionable 8-year-old girl: They just make you feel so alive.

4. House shoes


(Etsy.com, $110)

I don’t even know what “house shoes” means, but I do know that was what my German grandmother called them and I know I want some.

5. Leggings


(Etsy.com, $12)

No matter what anyone says, these “Mommy and Me” matching leggings are so rad they can’t be wrong.

6. Overalls

Image: Daily Mail

After watching one too many Full House episodes in the ’90s, I swore that overalls would never grace my closet again. But damn if these aren’t adorable.

7. Pearls


(Etsy.com, $19)

Fancy moms wear pearls and burn dinner and pour dad a neat whiskey after a long day at the office. Cool moms order takeout and wear double pearl earrings.

8. Scrunchie

Image: Brit + Co

When I heard Carrie Bradshaw say that no woman should be caught dead wearing a scrunchie, I was inclined to agree. Now I don’t know who to believe anymore since the ultimate power mom, Hillary Clinton, has spurred on the scrunchie comeback.

9. Shoulder pads

Image: Fun Online

Sharp, chic and stylish shoulder pads are the perfect reinvention of the frazzled ’80s mom. Hold the leg warmers, please.

10. Swim skirt

(Reyswimwear.com, $100)

Contrary to popular belief, swim skirts are not just for hiding mom asses and bodies that have been ruined by babies. Today’s swim skirts are a whimsical way to dress up your old one-piece at the pool.

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