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Adorable baby can’t stand it when his dad pretends to cry (VIDEO)

Have you ever seen an insanely cute parenting video and just knew it would go viral? Folks, we are sitting on a gold mine here. This sweet video of a 6-month-old baby mimicking his dad’s cry is about to blow up your Facebook feed.

It’s going to take only 49 seconds of your life to see the beautiful connection between Texas dad and civil engineer Fabian Herrera and his son Aris. Fabian, 32, calls Aris a “natural sweetheart” as the baby immediately mimics his crying face and bursts into tears. Aris is so attuned to his father that he stops crying when Fabian stops.

Fabian explains to SheKnows, “My family was all together in bed on a Sunday morning, and I was playing with my 3-year-old daughter Lucia. My daughter was jumping on my stomach, and to discourage her from doing that, I started to pretend to cry. That’s when I realized that it started a chain reaction of my 6-month-old son Aris crying as well.

“Later that evening, we were FaceTiming with the grandparents in South Korea, and I decided to try it again. My mother-in-law laughed but sadly said, ‘You should try to make him smile too!’ That was when I knew for sure that his crying could be triggered by a fake cry.”

Is this cute baby especially empathetic, or do Fabian and Aris have a unique father-son bond? I have the pleasure of knowing Fabian from high school, and I can confidently say the answer is both. The Fabian I remember was fun, outgoing and kind. His compassion has clearly rubbed off on his son.

Fabian says of Aris, “He’s generally a quiet baby, unless he is hungry or wants to be held, and the faces and smiles that he gives are contagious. His mom, Yeon Mee Choi, is always telling me that she doesn’t know why, but when she looks at him, she feels that he is a funny character.”

And here they are again, with identical father and son facial expressions for a selfie. Uncanny:


Image: Fabian Herrera

This heartwarming father-and-son video has already been picked up by several news outlets, with Facebook “shares” growing by the minute. If there’s one thing this world needs, it’s more loving parents filming special moments like this with their kids. Ellen DeGeneres, did you see this?

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