10 Doting parents show their love with adorable lunch bag art

Apr 9, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. ET

For the most part, making your kids happy is easy. They just want food, love and some extra attention. We can all take inspiration from these creative parents who went the extra mile. They sent their kids to school with custom lunch bag art to remind them how much they care.

Even if a poorly drawn stick figure is all you have, it's like we tell our kids: It really is the thought that counts.

1. Chewbacca


Image: Lunch Bag Art

This flawless Star Wars art was crafted by Derek Benson, a.k.a. the "Lunch Bag Art" dad of Tumblr. According to his description: "I draw on my kids' lunch bags. I'm the dad. I make these during my lunch break." Congrats — your kids are officially the coolest kids at the lunch table.

2. Crab-apple


Image: Imgur

When Bryan Dunn, freelance designer and illustrator, shared his adorable drawings that he used to decorate his son's lunch bag for the past two years, the rest (as they say) was history. The Bag Dad now has a major online fan base, with his son heading up the fan club.

3. Hedgehog


Image: Flickr

There's no way a kid won't smile when he sees the loving detail put into a pencil-drawn hedgehog decorating a sack lunch. And with any luck, maybe he'll eat his carrots.

4. Lord of the Rings


Spencer Platt is just a devoted dad and artist who spruces up his daughter's lunch bag with custom fan art every day of the week.

5. Monkeys


Image: Flickr

Barbara Backyard of Flickr shares her inspiration: "A lunch bag I painted thanks to my dad who used to draw cartoons on our lunch bags as kids."

6. Nutcracker


Image: Whiz Bang Bags

Seth Hippen is another father and illustrator who has taken his talents to the lunchroom. Hippen's Whiz Bang Bags Tumblr documents his one-of-a-kind creations that could easily double as wall art.

7. Portraits


Image: Doodle Bag Designs

Michael Smith, the dad behind Doodle Bag Productions, explains this lunchtime work of art: "This week finds Sara and her friends dealing with the books as the workload of sixth grade begins to bear down on them. The books are disgorging their information in a massive wave of knowledge. The math books are actually throwing the text and numbers at the students."

8. Snowman


Not technically a brown bag, David LaFerriere’s detailed and delightful sandwich bag art for his two children is close enough. LaFerriere says, "I’ve been doing it for my kids since they were little. They love it, and nothing makes me happier than hearing their reaction at the end of the day."

9. Starfire


The world's sweetest stepdad took the time to draw his second grader's favorite DC Comics character to brighten her day when she opened her lunch.

10. Unicorndog


Image: Imgur

Christy Kilgore is a talented graphic designer and mom with a commitment to keeping her kids' lunches interesting. This mom confesses that her expressive lunch bag art is win-win: "I draw on lunch bags. I say it's for my kids, but I just like doing it."

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