8 Reasons why the school attendance policy shouldn’t change

If you are planning a family holiday with the kids during the school term, think again. Under the new NSW Education Department rules, the only justifiable excuses for missing school will be if your child is sick, competing at top-level sporting events or in the arts and entertainment industry. Family holidays don’t make the list of good reasons to be absent. Here’s why I think the Education Department needs to reconsider its decision.

1. It’s cheaper to travel during non-peak times

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Family holidays are expensive enough when you’re paying for accommodation, flights, food and entertainment for a minimum of four people. School holidays are peak travel times, which drives the cost of family holidays even more out of reach for the average earners. It means the only time you can really afford to go on a family break is during school time.

2. You don’t have to battle with school holiday crowds

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Anyone who has been to the Gold Coast theme parks knows unless you want to queue for ages, you need to plan your visit to miss the school holidays and weekend crowds.

3. Parents can’t always get time off during the school holidays

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When you’re a working parent, there’s a fine art to juggling family time and work commitments. No matter how hard you try, there are some times when taking time off during the school holidays is impossible.

4. There’s no better education than to immerse your kids in real life

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Sitting in a classroom can be boring and doesn’t come close to the lessons your children will learn from travelling abroad. There’s no greater teacher than real life.

5. A trip to a theme park is educational

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What better way to teach your kids about centrifugal forces than experiencing them as they are catapulted up towards the sky on the Tower of Terror II on the Gold Coast or riding the roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

6. Some kids learn more outside the classroom than when they’re forced to sit at a desk all day

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Every child learns differently, whether it’s visual, aural or tactile, and not every child adapts well to a classroom situation. There are life lessons you can’t learn within four walls of a classroom, no matter how good the teacher is.

7. Travelling to foreign countries is the fastest way to learn a new language

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The quickest way to learn to speak a foreign language is to be totally immersed in the culture where your kids have no other choice but to learn to speak and comprehend if they wish to communicate with other people.

8. Kids will learn to be culturally sensitive from a young age

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There’s nothing like a trip abroad with your children to teach them an understanding and awareness of other cultures. It’s good for them to learn as early as possible that although we might think, act and look different, we all deserve to be respected for who we are.

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