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12 Breathtaking C-section scar tattoos

No matter how you got that baby out of you, giving birth is cause for celebration. These moms took it one step further by turning their C-section scars into works of art.

12 Breathtaking C-section scar tattoos
Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

Whether you gave birth vaginally or via C-section, your body may never be the same again. But it is possible to turn often embarrassing physical changes, like stretch marks and C-section scars, into something you can be proud of.

Instead of hiding your post-baby body, embrace the change — like these 12 moms did.

1. Baby feet

Everything about this tattoo is perfect. The fact that it sits over a C-section scar makes it even more meaningful.

2. Butterfly

Is this butterfly belly tattoo as a C-section scar cover-up dope or nope? I also vote dope. The artwork is amazing.

3. Cherry blossom

As Amy posted to Pinterest, “I’m not a tattoo person but least, it wouldn’t hurt over my csection scar since the area is completely numb!”

4. Death Star

Star Wars

Image: 11points

This lady deserves all the points for being the cool mom — she flawlessly covered her C-section scar with some epic Star Wars ink.

5. Dragon


Image: DieValarissaTattoo

Reminiscent of a Phoenix rising from the ashes, this tattoo can be symbolic of a C-section scar bringing forth new life.

6. Flower power


Image: JustMommies

One mom proudly posted about her C-section scar cover-up: “I am so happy with how this turned out. It’s a tad different than the drawing I gave him, but you can’t see my scar anymore!”

7. Guns


Image: ImgKid

In a word: badass. You can still see the C-section scar, but it only makes the blazing guns tattoo even more impressive.

8. Roses


Image: DeviantArt

Every rose has its thorn, and every beautiful mom has tiger stripes from giving birth.

9. Safety pin

Safety pin

Image: PixShark

A clever and oh-so-perfect way to celebrate the scar without covering it up.

10. Spider


Image: Photobucket

Any mom with an edge would be proud to rock this realistic spider tattoo cover-up at the beach.

11. Tropical blooms


Image: Tattoospedia

A beautiful, delicate and creative cover-up for a vertical C-section scar that can be difficult to conceal.

12. Zipper

There is so much right about this cover-up tattoo that it can’t be wrong. Impeccable artwork like this doesn’t come cheap, but turning visible scar tissue into 3-D ink is priceless.

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