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Parents take support to the next level by getting birthmark tattoos

The love a parent has for a child is often one of the most heartwarming, selfless things a person can witness or experience. These parents show that there are just no limits to their love for a child.

Honey-Rae Phillips was born with a large red birthmark on her leg, which her parents, Tanya and Adam, believed might make her the target of bullies.

To make their little girl feel as comfortable as ever in her own skin, both Mum and Dad had large red markings tattooed onto their legs, which look just like Honey-Rae’s strawberry birthmark.

“From the moment she was born, we told Honey-Rae she was beautiful and constantly covered her in kisses,” said Tanya.

“Some people will say it’s odd and think what we’ve done is quite extreme, but in our eyes all we have done is ensure Honey-Rae never feels different. Mummy and Daddy now have the same permanent markings as she does.”

These parents, too, have gone to such great lengths to show their love and support to their children.

Transgender support

Transgender boy receives outpouring of support

Image: Facebook/ReneeFabish

One mother shared the journey her son went through from being a little girl to a little boy via a touching video on her Facebook page. “I’d love you to watch this slideshow I put together. It explains some major changes that are underway for Milla and our family. Milla needs our support now more than ever!” Renée explained. “Her gender assigned at birth does not align with how she feels inside. Milla was born female but her brain identifies as male.”

Triathlon dad

Rick van Beek completed a triathlon and brought his 13-year-old daughter, Maddy, who has cerebral palsy, along for the ride. Dad not only completed the triathlon with his daughter, but managed to pull her in a kayak as he swam, pushed her wheelchair as he ran and towed her cart while riding his bike.

Organ donors

When Lars and Anja found out their son was dying of cystic fibrosis, they decided they would do everything in their power to save their little boy, donating a lung each to save his life. “We were desperately waiting for an organ, waiting for a call every day,” Lars said. “If we had enough organ donors in Germany, the doctors would not have to resort to living donors. We are happy and thankful that we and the doctors were able to help.”

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