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Coffee shop owner asks breastfeeding mom to cover up

A breastfeeding mom was asked to cover up by the owner of the coffee shop she was visiting, and the review her friend wrote on Facebook put the company front and center, and not in a positive way.

Stephanie Scott and her friend Amberly Worley visited an Austin, Texas, coffee shop, toting along their two babies. Worley’s baby needed to nurse, so she breastfed him, but she was soon approached by the coffee shop owner, who offered her a towel and asked if she wanted to cover up. When the owner, Sandy Hughes, was asked if breastfeeding made her uncomfortable, she told the pair that it didn’t, but it might make the men in the area uneasy.

Scott, knowing that breastfeeding in public is legal in the state of Texas, took to the shop’s Facebook page with the complaint that the business didn’t support breastfeeding moms. The review she wrote quickly went viral, especially when a representative of the company responded and mansplained her experience away. The company then came under attack by many who were outraged by their customer relations misstep.

Thankfully, the company has posted an apology to their Facebook page in response. Hughes owns up to her error and says that the shop welcomes breastfeeding mothers, as they are legally obligated to do.

Moms — don’t mind the people who cry for mothers to cover up, to go to the bathroom or to leave the premises of public places. Don’t pay attention to those who say that moms with babies that need to breastfeed should pump and feed from bottles, or worse yet, just stay home. The only time you need to acknowledge anything like this is when an employee or owner of an establishment is the one saying it, because in nearly all cases across the U.S., it’s blatantly against the law.

People in those positions should be aware of the law and they should ensure that all employees and representatives are thoroughly trained in it as well. Even though this company has apologized, and this is fantastic, it never should have happened in the first place. Hopefully, with more awareness, it will happen less and less.

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