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What it really takes to be a postmodern parent

What does it take to become a postmodern parent in a digital world? Well, it’s all about sharing, and oversharing, some of the most intimate moments between parents and bub.

It seems nothing is off-limits when it comes to sharing the ups and downs of parenting, especially in the digital world in which we live. Just yesterday, I saw my best friend’s baby girl take her very first wobbly steps, all from a video posted on Facebook.

Parenting site, Netmums, has had a bit of a look into the habits of postmodern parents and their findings reveal that mums today love sharing, and even oversharing, some of the most intimate moments from their parenting lives.

Here are some of the parenting trends they found. Are you a postmodern parent? Here’s how to see the signs.


Selfies with bub are so last season. The hottest family snaps to share with your online community are breastfeeding selfies. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bündchen are said to have started the trend, posing glamorously with babes suckling at their chests. But now the brelfie craze has hit the masses, although without the makeup teams, the studio lighting and the professional photographers to get the best shot.

Pee parties
If you’re hosting a pregnancy test pee party, then you are just about as postmodern as they get. The gist of the party is this: Instead of waiting to tell friends and family that you’re expecting after a few months of being up the duff, the party is a way of telling people straightaway, as soon as you pee on that stick and see those two glorious lines. Pop the champagne! Oh, wait. Better not.

Post-baby body snaps

“Post-baby body” sounds like it’s straight from the pages of a tabloid mag. But instead of the pressure and judgement that comes with talking about post-baby body photos, women are taking back being body beautiful and sharing photos of their bodies how they are.

Combined baby names
The true sign of a postmodern parent has to come from what name they call their child. And one trend that has emerged this year is using two names and then mashing them together. “If you love Jennifer and Isabel, go for Jennibel. Easy,” Netmums says.

Baby growth photos and videos

Image: Hofmeester/YouTube

It takes some planning and a whole lot of patience, but some incredible child-growth videos and photos have popped up online. It’s kind of like the movie Boyhood, only better.

What about you? Are you a postmodern parent?

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