11 Recipes that will let your kids play sous chef

You have to cook anyway, right? Pick a recipe the kids can help with and turn making meals into a family-friendly activity.

1. Tortilla chip-crusted baked chicken tenders with honey-yogurt dip

Give the kids a bag of tortilla chips and a rolling pin and let them pound away. Then, let them do the same with the chicken. They’ll be begging to be your sous chef every night.

2. Cheeseburger pizza

Kids love pizza. Kids love cheeseburgers. Why not combine the two and create a meal they can help make and will love to eat? You cook and chop the toppings and let them pile them on the pizza.

3. Glazed ham and pineapple kebabs

You’ll want to keep the kids far way from the grilling process, but they’ll have a ton of fun stacking the meat and fruit onto these kebabs.

4. Cheese-stuffed meatballs

What kid doesn’t love getting their hands dirty? They’ll have a blast forming the meat mixture into perfect meatballs and you’ll all love eating them on a pile of spaghetti.

5. Tater tot nachos

These nachos are definitely kid-friendly and you can make them more so by switching up the toppings to suit their tastes. You bake up the tots and let them make them into a cheesy masterpiece.

6. Spicy Italian stuffed bread

This meal is perfect for lunch and dinner and couldn’t be easier for kids to make. You do the knife work and let them stuff it with their favorite fillings.

7. Easy microwave pumpkin breakfast bakes

You may need to help with the measuring, but the kids can even do the baking for this one since there’s no oven needed.

8. Healthy homemade sloppy joe wraps

This sloppy joe recipe is so much better than the canned stuff and it’s better for you, too. Whip up a batch and let the kids roll it up into tortillas instead of eating it on buns.

9. Waffle maker cinnamon buns

This two-step recipe is super easy for kids to make, but stay close by to make sure they’re using the waffle iron safely.

10. Super-simple yeast rolls

Kneading the dough for these yummy rolls can be exhausting. Why not let your kids step in?

11. Mac and cheese cups

Give the kids a spoon and let them fill the muffin tin with this cheesy goodness.

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