10 Things only people who parent in New York understand

Parenting isn’t always easy, no matter where you live. But there are some unique struggles and surprises that come with raising kids in New York City.

1. A Binky dropped on the ground is infinitely more terrifying

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No one knows what’s really on the ground. It belongs to the abyss now.

2. Fewer people ask to touch your baby

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In the suburbs, people are all over chubby, wiggly things in strollers. In the city, they barely notice.

3. You’ll never need a minivan

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That’s right. You can be a mom and still remain cool. Thanks, yellow cabs. Now, hold my kid while I struggle to install my car seat into a cab for the fifth time today.

4. Your kids are less picky

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In New York, it seems as though nearly every country is represented on the restaurant scene (and most deliver). Start your kids early and never face a scrunched-up nose.

5. They play in the world’s biggest backyard

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People who cite “nowhere to play outside” as a reason to avoid the city when you have a family are too shortsighted. There are some amazing parks in NYC — especially Central Park, which never seems to be out of swings and has a freaking zoo.

6. And who says grocery shopping is a pain?

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Another big city bonus: Relatively inexpensive grocery delivery. Shop online or call in your list during nap time and have your goods delivered to your door. Never experience another cookie aisle meltdown again.

7. But it’s recommended you put on clothes to take the kids to soccer

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Please don’t embarrass your kid. Since you can’t hide in a minivan, you’ll need to get out of your husband’s PJ pants and at least put on some Lululemons and a bra.

8. Bonus: You won’t need to teach the kid to drive

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In New York City, a subway card is all a teenager needs to experience freedom. It’ll save you so much money.

9. Of course, the subway is also a little terrifying

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Just like in a car, they can go anywhere. Unlike in a car, if they stay out too late and take the wrong train too far from home, they could find themselves alone and scared on a platform for upwards of 30 minutes before they see another train. (And that’s if everything is on schedule.)

10. But they’ll be smarter, braver and bolder because of it

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That night on the platform and the many nights that follow will teach your kids a lot. They’ll learn to sense sketchiness better than kids from the ‘burbs. They’ll also have a better grasp on talking to strangers (cabbies, waiters), meaning they’ll be properly prepared for functioning in the real world.

We’re not suggesting that the city is for everyone. Plenty of kids flourish in the suburbs each and every year. That said, we definitely think our little New Yorkers have some major advantages and that parents of city kids luck out, too. Now, if we could just find a bigger apartment…

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