Parks and Rec baby names that make us laugh

Feb 24, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. ET
Image: NBC

Parks and Rec ends tonight! Treat yo self to some baby name inspiration as we revisit some of the show's best characters.

Though the show got off to a pretty rocky start — seriously, skip Season 1 entirely if you're going to binge your way through — it rapidly became one of the most beloved comedies on television. Who knew local government bureaucracy could be so entertaining? The seventh and final season of Parks and Rec comes to an end tonight, with the aptly named "One Last Ride." They have one final problem to solve in Pawnee, and it involves naming your baby. I'm assuming.

TV shows offer up a huge buffet of trendy baby name choices with their anachronistic naming styles. Names like Emma and Noah didn't rank so high 30 years ago, but writers choose current chart toppers to ensure the names appeal to today's ears. So yay! This should be easy!

Except, the writers of Parks and Rec were a little bit smarter. They fully captured the feel of a government office in middle America. These names aren't quite rusty enough to fall into the category of old people baby names we love, but you might get a bit ahead of trends with one of these middle-aged monikers.

Baby girl names inspired by Parks and Rec

If you have a baby girl tonight, you actually have to name her Leslie.

Baby boy names inspired by Parks and Rec

I know you're probably not going to name your baby boy Jean-Ralphio, but I kind of wish you would.

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