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Cinderella-inspired baby names we love

Inspired by Disney’s latest reboot, we looked back at Cinderella’s many incarnations over the last century to find magical baby names for your future prince or princess.

Baby names inspired by Disney’s new Cinderella

Unlike last year’s Maleficent, Disney’s new live action adaptation of Cinderella promises to stick closely to their original 1950 animated feature. Though many of the characters remain nameless, they’ve added some supporting cast with super stylish names. Best of all, they gave the prince a bit more to work with than “Charming” — though I’m not quite sure they nailed it.

  • Anastasia: one of Cinderella’s cruel stepsisters, played by Holliday Grainger
  • Cassius: for the Chief Guard, played by Laurie Calvert
  • Duke: for the Grand Duke, played by Stellan Skarsgård
  • Ella: the given name of Cinderella, played by Lily James
  • Genevieve: for Lady Genevieve, played by Rachael Hyde
  • Hina: a princess, played by Ann Hoang
  • Kit: the name of Prince Charming, played by Richard Madden
  • Mei: for Princess Mei Mei, played by Leila Wong
  • Nicolas: for Nicolas Golding, played by Drew Sheridan-Wheeler
  • Sasia: the Princess of Arabia, played by Monique Geraghty
  • Supriya: the Princess of India, played by Finesse Fonseka
  • Valentina: a princess, played by Elina Alminas

Baby girl names inspired by other Cinderella adaptations

Cinderella stories provide us with so many great female characters, from the innocent maiden forced into servitude, to her wicked stepfamily, to the gentle and kind fairy godmother. Each incarnation of the tale gives these ladies a fresh set of stylish baby girl names. We grabbed these gorgeous contenders from over 100 years of Cinderella as told on film.

Baby boy names inspired by other Cinderella adaptations

Honestly, what kind of name is Prince Charming? The original Disney film left him nameless, but they later claimed his name was Henry. We rounded up a pile of the other monikers bestowed upon the prince, the duke, and a few of their plucky sidekicks. These baby boy names have some serious swagger.

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