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Watch what happens when men wear heavy, full-term baby bumps (VIDEO)

What happens when three daring dads strap on nine-month pregnant bellies and fake boobs to go about their daily routines? Under the guise of honoring mothers before Mother’s Day, Jonny Biggins, Jason Bramley and Steve Hanson are going “full pregnant” for an entire month. They also happen to be promoting a book.

The idea of men stepping into the shoes of pregnant women is cute, and it has been done before. You might recall this 2013 viral video of men experiencing real contractions through the use of a labor pain simulator as their wives stood by and cackled.

Perhaps it is this bonding ritual that these three dads are trying to recreate. The trio plans to wear full pregnancy suits that include a robust belly and boobs through Mother’s Day, observed in the United Kingdom on Sunday, March 15.

So maybe their hearts are in the right place, but let’s not forget that these married dads are also promoting a personalized Mother’s Day book through this publicity stunt, the Book Of Mum. And speaking of hearts, what about the heartburn? What about the leg cramps and itchy skin? What about the constant need to pee every 15 minutes once the baby drops and nestles his sweet little head directly on your bladder?

This “empathy belly” is designed to make life uncomfortable by putting pressure on the lungs, stomach and bladder and causing abdominal distention. But sadly, there is no way for these devoted dads to experience what pregnancy is really like on the inside, save for the annoying task of carting giant boobs and 33 pounds of baby belly around all day long. Oh yeah, and they are only doing this for one month. They’re missing out on the entire third trimester when most women have grown so large that they want to tear their hair out.

At the time of their Daily Mail interview just eight days into the pregnancy project, these dads already had something to say about what it was like to be an exhausted expecting mom. Forty-six-year-old Steve agreed that putting on socks becomes a “monumental task” when you have a giant pregnant belly in the way. After only three days of sporting a lovely lady lump, 45-year-old Jonny went to the pharmacy to get a belly band for support.

Forty-four-year-old Jason said, “I wonder why pregnant women don’t use wheelchairs. I have a chair in the office with wheels, and this is a blessing. I can glide effortlessly across the office to my desired destination.”

This project is kitschy and cute and will probably help to sell their book, but let’s not give these dads a pat on the back just yet. It’s sweet that these fathers are willing to risk public embarrassment to commiserate with pregnant women everywhere, but share these musings with a mom and see where it gets you. I’m placing bets on an eye roll and a punch in the face.

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