HelloFlo’s ‘Postpartum: The Musical’ has us humming about mastitis (WATCH)

Remember the amazing viral video “First Moon Party”? Our friends at HelloFlo are back, and this time they have a hilarious new video and a subscription box for new moms.

Talk about a perfect gift for all your friends who have just dropped a baby, HelloFlo is now offering a new mom survival pack, and they have created a fantastic new musical to help spread the word.

I wish this had been around back when I was birthin’ babies, because not only are all these items super helpful after you have given birth, but I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a surprise in the mail than a new mom. Because we all know that after a woman has a baby, most of the things UPS delivers are for the baby and not for her. I adore how HelloFlo has such an amazing sense of humor about things a lot of moms are embarrassed to talk about, like cracked nipples, peeing by accident and being sore, cranky and tired. And now we can all sing about them!

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