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Baby names inspired by Insurgent

We scanned the cast list — and the original novel — to bring you the best of the best baby names from the factional world of Insurgent, opening worldwide on March 20.

Veronica Roth’s desolate, dystopian Chicago returns to the big screen with the second installment in the Divergent series. Immediately following the events of the first film, Tris (Shailene Woodley) must protect those she loves from growing unrest between factions — the five groups society split into, stamping out individuality — as the threat of war looms over their carefully organized society.

Unlike the nature-inspired, unusual baby names from The Hunger Games trilogy, Roth chose traditional names for her dystopian brood. Her influences appear to be a mix of biblical baby names and names borrowed from the 1970s and 1980s generations. The result is a batch of names that sound refreshing and unexpected on a batch of teens who jump trains for sport.

Baby girl names inspired by Insurgent

Tris, the nickname Beatrice chooses for herself when she joins the Dauntless faction, brings an old-fashioned grandmother name into the 21st century. Parents of baby boys have been doing the same with traditional boy names for a while now — Xander instead of Alex, Topher instead of Chris. Try it out on past generation names from your own family tree to see if you can make this trend work for your baby girl.

Baby boy names inspired by Insurgent

Roth definitely named her male characters on a theme. While her female leads shine in strength, she made sure to give the men equally tough monikers, as they fight to maintain order in a crumbling society.

  • Caleb: “dog; bold”
  • Cole: “people’s victory”
  • Edgar: “fortunate and powerful”
  • Edward: “guardian”
  • Eric: “ever or eternal ruler”
  • Hayes: “from the hedged land”
  • Hector: “tenacious”
  • Jack: “God is gracious”
  • Marcus: “hammer”
  • Max: “greatest”
  • Peter: “a rock or stone”
  • Tobias/Four: “God is good”
  • Uriah: “the Lord is my light”

More baby names from the Divergent series

Though these characters don’t have a part to play in Insurgent, we love the names too much not to give them passing mention. We love Molly, traditionally a pet name for Mary, which means “wished-for child.”

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