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Here’s the real reason moms get nothing done (VIDEO)

Wondering why it feels like you never get anything done around the house? You may be the victim of a toddler.

Blogger Esther Anderson’s latest video about life with her toddler, Ella, has gone amazingly viral. It turns out a lot of people can sympathize with the way toddlers undermine everything you try to accomplish around the house.
What makes this video so special? Anderson has an uncanny ability to touch on the parenting realities we can all understand. Like the way trying to nap with a wiggly baby usually results in being poked and prodded and definitely doesn’t result in getting any rest. There’s no room for debate or judgment here — it’s just a feel-good look at what parents put up with.

Next time you’re trying to clean the house and your menace of a child unravels all your progress, remember that you’re not the only one dealing with a pint-sized wrecking ball.

Good thing toddlers are so cute.

And enjoy it while it lasts. It’s definitely not as cute when they’re third graders and they’re still leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

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