Genius pro-vaxx sticker campaign advertises your kid’s vaccination status

Now that the 2015 measles outbreak has spread as far as Washington, D.C., one smart family finally came up with a solution. The D.C. Department of Health recommends that all kids are vaccinated to protect against preventable diseases. Peter and Katy Keesey are pushing to make vaccination status public with a clever pro-vaxx sticker campaign.

The Keeseys’ inspiration for the sticker campaign came about through a typical conversation that you might have with a fellow parent. Peter said that during the conversation with friends, some hot-button topics arose.

“We were laughing about how some people don’t accept climate change. Then we continued the conversation by saying how silly it was that some parents don’t vaccinate their kids. Things got very quiet.”

Yup, been there before. There’s no quicker way to kill a conversation among friends than to stand on opposite sides of the vaccination divide. Peter said that he was surprised that so many “very educated people” he knew rejected vaccinations. And so the Keeseys’ pro-vaccination sticker campaign was born.

Living in Washington, D.C. as parents of an 18-month-old boy with another baby on the way, the Keeseys were inspired by voting stickers handed out at the polls. The pro-vaccine stickers, intended to be handed out at pediatricians’ offices throughout the U.S., read “My kid was vaccinated today” for parents and “I was vaccinated today” for kids.

The Keesey family’s logic is flawless. If you are proud enough to advertise that you voted on Election Day by wearing a sticker on your shirt, you should be just as proud to advertise that your family has been vaccinated.

According to Peter, “We’re trying to find a positive way to promote vaccinations and sound science. Kids love stickers, so it’s a win-win.”

The Keeseys’ genius idea came to life in their “Pro Vaccines: Give Our Kids a Shot” Kickstarter campaign launched earlier this month, with the goal of distributing 50,000 pro-vaxx stickers to pediatricians nationwide. To date, the project has raised almost $2,000 of the $10,000 needed to get it off the ground. Kickstarter funds will be used to create tote bags and stickers.

This pro-vaxx movement is important for families everywhere. We’ve already seen what the anti-vaxx movement can do — it has resulted in an entirely preventable measles outbreak with exposure reaching innocent babies who have not been vaccinated yet.

The pro-vaxx movement needs a strong voice to prevent another unnecessary outbreak, and the Keeseys are leading the charge with their campaign. As Katy says, “It’s an easy way to show you made a correct decision for your family.”

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