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How to dress like your favorite celebrity mom (on a non-celebrity budget)

Do you feel slightly envious of those celebrity moms like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie who always look perfectly pulled together and stylish? Yes, they do have padded bank accounts and a personal stylist on speed dial, however, we rounded up these genius tips to help you dress like your favorite celebrity mom without maxing out your credit card. Be ready to field off some envious stares at school drop-off.

Ready to up your style game? Let your favorite celebrity mom be your muse to make this year your most stylish one yet.

Reese Witherspoon style

Image: WENN

Find your celebrity body type match

Clothes that look cute on Gwyneth Paltrow’s tall and thin frame might not look the same if you have a shorter and curvier build. Look for a celebrity style muse that has your similar body type.

“There is a basic reason I would never choose Kate Hudson to be part of my personal style archetype: she is a wispy blond and I am a dark-haired curve-bot,” says style expert and author of Practical Glamour Constance Dunn. “Flitting about bra-less in slip tops and swirled yoga pants is not my idea of a good time, and might even get me arrested. Angelina Jolie is closer to my physical type, and has a ‘personal style brand’ that contains the key attributes that I aspire to, namely sophistication and a steely femininity.”

Angelina Jolie style

Image: WENN

Your cool mom uniform

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have all morning to put together a perfectly coordinated outfit. After all, we have kids to nag out of bed and lunches to make. This is where a mom uniform comes in. You throw it on and you know it looks great. Celebrity moms know this trick — and now you do, too.

“Pair these five pieces with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, jeggings, pencil skirt, flowy dress, or cargo pants already in your closet and you’ll look like a star-studded celeb mom — think Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, or Angelina Jolie,” says image consultant Annette Harris, who recommends these five budget-friendly, celebrity-mom-inspired pieces:

Jessica Biel style

Jessica Alba (above) is rocking the celebrity mom off-duty look perfectly.
Kristin Cavallari is another celebrity mom with enviable style — and we love her new shoe line at Nordstrom that is full of chic boots and sexy heels.

Shop trendy, yet budget-friendly retailers

Celebrity moms not only have padded bank accounts, but they also get tons of designer duds for free.  (Ironic, isn’t it?) The trick to looking like a million bucks on a budget is to buy clothes in a similar style at a budget-friendly store, like Old Navy or Kohl’s, and get them tailored to fit you.

Kerry Washington

Image: WENN

“Many of these celebrities are wearing custom tailored pieces that are literally made for them by the designers to fit their bodies to a T, which is why they look so good,” says Emily Dell, CEO of The Runaway. Dell says she also loves the budget-friendly and fashion-forward H&M.

Stores like Forever 21 and Express are perfect for finding cute sundresses and maxi dresses. A new line of Scandal-inspired clothes has actually launched at The Limited which means you can look like chic celeb mom Kerry Washington — or her alter ego Olivia Pope.

Another celeb mom trend? Leggings. “Right now leggings are a go-to look for celebrity moms. Everyday moms can make this look work incredibly cost-effectively by buying a pair of leggings from H&M and then pairing the pants with a basic tunic and a statement necklace.”

Speaking of necklaces…

Gwyneth Paltrow

Image: WENN

Invest in accessories

Accessories can totally take your outfit from plain to paparazzi-worthy. Case in point: Gwyneth Paltrow (above) strolling through the airport in this gray tank top paired with jeans — however, her layered necklaces totally pull the whole thing together for that Hollywood mom off-duty look.

“Many celebrity moms are wearing accessories that could break the bank for the everyday woman, however, moms can find stylish pieces at half the cost online or on sale in retailers everywhere,” says Dell. “Just look for accessories that are reminiscent of trends celebrity moms are wearing now and attempt to recreate the look for a fraction of the fortune they are spending on bags, bracelets and earrings.”

Check out Baublebar for some celebrity-mom-inspired pieces at a fraction of the price.

What about workout wear as casual wear?

Let’s face it, yoga pants have become a mom uniform (and also a strangely controversial topic). I know I’m guilty of wearing my Lululemon yoga pants long after I’ve left the gym, but they are just so darn cute and comfy.

As Dunn noted above, Kate Hudson is also a fan of wearing her active wear as casual wear.

“Yes, as much as I love fashion, activewear is really what I am wearing every day.” Hudson told Vogue.

Of course, Hudson has her own line of workout clothes, called Fabletics.

“My ideal workout outfit is a sexy sports bra like our Vaasa sports bra, cropped leggings – our Salar and Lima capris are my staples – and a loose T-shirt or tank, like our Aventura tank. It’s a look you can wear out of the gym and into your regular life, whether picking the kids up from school or meeting a girlfriend for lunch,” she said.

Lululemon is the gold standard for cute active wear, however, it’s expensive. Hudson’s line is cute and affordable, and stores like Old Navy also have a great selection of budget-friendly yoga pants and tank tops.

Stay true to your style

Do you love Rachel Zoe’s flowing maxi dresses, Jessica Alba’s trendy clothes or Kerry Washington’s tailored and feminine pieces?

“Cut out pictures of what the celebrity is wearing that you like and take it to a store that aligns with your budget. Every store will have something very similar within your price range,” says designer Amy Olson.

Happy shopping, mamas.

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