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This bad hipster baby name PSA is hilarious because it’s true (VIDEO)

Clever, super-unique baby names are great for drooling toddlers. But what happens when Crocodile Vegas Lilypad tries to get a job?

That’s the issue PSA for Hipster Parents explores in this hilarious video about adult children coping with the ludicrous names they were given by their hipster parents. I won’t spoil all of them, but my favorite terrible hipster baby name was Weezer.

When you try to find the perfect baby name that really stands out, try to picture that name on a resume. Ask yourself if the cashier at Starbucks will be able to spell it or if your child will be stuck giving a resigned sigh and a fake name every time she wants a latte.

Avoiding hipster names doesn’t mean conforming to the top names of the year. You can go unique without going totally overboard. You won’t run into another Sassafras Gluten or Bonnaroo Banjo at the playground, but you might ruin your kid’s life with a name like that.

Or hey, just go with your gut, even if your gut says to name your child Airstream Pumpernickel. YOLO!

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