Mom's makeup app makeover on infant son is a hilarious masterpiece

Feb 17, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Having a baby is wonderful and joyous and exhilarating, until the boredom sets in. At least that's my personal theory as to why this new mom made over her 7-week-old baby boy with a makeup app. And the results were hilarious.

As you can see in the original shot, little Gabriel is absolutely adorable. But what fun is having a baby if you can't doctor up their pictures and show them to all of your friends? If you are not familiar with babies, just know that they sit around a lot. Your options are to watch lots and lots of Netflix or find something more creative to do — like blowing up the internet with pictures of your sweet baby boy made up as a creepy older lady.

Baby Gabriel

Image: Imgur

To what Buzzfeed calls a young Liz Taylor and a Redditor calls Kris Jenner, the transformation begins. Gabriel's bored ingenious mom used a virtual makeover app called Youcam to make the little dude's eyes, lips and cheeks pop. She even added beautiful bouffant hair for the young Liz Taylor, Kris Jenner, Liza Minnelli effect, as you can see in the photo below.

The "angry eyebrows" are the icing on the cake:

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 4

Baby 5

Image: Imgur

On the original Imgur post, mom Fiona said, "No makeup touched Gabriel's skin, so don't worry. He is a very, very loved little boy. I intentionally take/use photos of him pulling faces and gurning because I live to amuse myself."

Thank God Fiona cleared that up because some of the internet just couldn't handle the hilarity of these pictures. Well-meaning commenters cautioned Fiona not to put chemicals on a newborn baby's skin. These same commenters also don't understand how photo apps work. Most commenters saw the humor in the use of a makeup app on a baby, calling it "fabulous" and "incredible."

For those who have never been a new parent, you may not understand why Fiona did what she did. In those first few weeks after having a baby, you have hours to sit by yourself and stare at your child while they sleep or often scream in your face. It's this desolate postpartum stretch that shows you what you're made of.

The only thing I know about making it through the rigorous baby stage in one piece is that you need a sense of humor to survive. If Fiona's entertaining pictures of Gabriel are any indicator, she's going to be a loving, lighthearted mom to this little boy.

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