DIY fun spiral art rainbows for St. Patrick’s Day

Create beautiful and unique rainbow art with simple supplies from around your home. Kids will have a blast spinning colorful rainbows for this fun craft that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year.


Rainbow spin art supplies

  • Paper
  • Washable paint in different colors
  • Salad spinner
  • Scissors
  • White tissue paper
  • Glue


1. Cut the paper

rainbow spin art step 1

Cut the piece of paper so that it is small enough to fit inside the bottom of your salad spinner.

2. Add the paint

rainbow spin art step 2

Drop several drops of rainbow-colored paint onto the center of the paper.

3. Spin it

rainbow spin art step 3

Place the lid on your salad spinner and start spinning.

4. Check the design

rainbow spin art step 4

Spin for at least 30 seconds to allow the paint to spread. Remove the lid from the salad spinner and check out your design. If you are happy with it, remove it from the salad spinner and set it aside to dry. Otherwise, add more paint and keep spinning.

5. Make the rainbow

rainbow spin art step 4

Once the paint has dried, cut out a rainbow shape from the paper. Glue tiny pieces of white tissue paper to the bottom of the rainbow to create clouds, then your spin art rainbow is complete.

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