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Blake Lively gives her daughter a full-on boy name (and we kind of dig it)

We know it’s not Violet, so what did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds name their daughter? New reports reveal the gender-bending baby girl name — and you will either love it or hate it. Want a hint? It’s completely opposite of Violet.

The mystery of Lively’s baby name has (hopefully) finally been solved — and it couldn’t be more opposite than the name Violet. A source has told E! News that Lively and Reynolds have named their daughter…


Yes, the full-on boy name of James.

Lively and Reynolds have not confirmed this is the name, but insiders feel pretty confident that this is the name.

What could the inspiration behind the name be? David Letterman grilled Reynolds about the baby name and, even though he wouldn’t reveal the name, he did give a few clues, saying that it is a family name and that it was “kind of” a biblical name.

James isn’t the name of their dads (or moms), so we aren’t quite sure which family member it could be inspired from, however perhaps the middle name (which we don’t know yet) could be a family name.

James is a name of Hebrew origin that means “he grasps the heel; supplanter.” According to the Social Security Administration’s list of popular baby names, James has been slowing increasing in popularity for boys, coming in currently as the 13th most popular name for boys. Not surprisingly, it is not ranked on the top 1000 for girls.

Boy names for girls are a baby name trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, Hart of Dixie actress Jaime King went by James King in her early modeling days. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher just named their daughter Wyatt and Drew Barrymore has her little girl Frankie. Often, when a more masculine first name is given, parents will balance that out by a more feminine middle name, so we will have to wait and see if that is what Lively did as well.

The internet exploded when news first broke that their daughter was named Violet, after someone that reportedly worked at the hospital where Lively gave birth tweeted out the baby name. Reynolds later told USA Today, “No, that’s not the name. I don’t want to get into that but I don’t know where that came from.”

During the interview with Letterman, the talk show host grilled him hard about the name.

“I should’ve worn my cup. I didn’t know I was gonna get busted this hard!” Reynolds joked, as he tried to dodge the baby name questions. “I threw out the idea of just never naming the kid to be totally original, but we have a name. I just don’t want to say it in, like, a media context. I tell everyone who I meet, so it’ll come out.”

So, now that it is reportedly out — it’s time to discuss.

Tell us: How do you feel about the new Hollywood trend of boy names for girls?

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