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Pregnant mom does a flawless ‘Thriller’ dance on her due date (VIDEO)

Bonnie Northsea’s husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer a month ago. To cheer herself up — and maybe induce labor in the process — she did the entire ‘Thriller’ dance on camera. At 40 weeks pregnant.
“This video really helped as it caused me to laugh over and over again,” says Bonnie. We’re laughing with her, thanks to her joyful, spot-on interpretation of the classic ‘Thriller’ choreography.

So far the dance hasn’t resulted in a baby, but it has resulted in going viral on Facebook, where she first shared it. We can see why. Bonnie busts a move flawlessly, with total abandon. The result is hilarious, but it’s also a celebration of what a woman’s body is capable of.

We wish her the best of luck delivering her son, who is already estimated to be over 8 pounds. If the confidence she showed with her ‘Thriller’ dance is any indication, she’s going to do just fine.

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