Fifty Shades of Grey word search given to middle school students

Feb 12, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Image: DRB Images/E+/Getty Images

In what was probably the most colossal mistake ever in the history of education, a middle school teacher reportedly handed at least five kids a super-sexually explicit Fifty Shades of Grey word search printout.

And who can blame this unnamed educator? Fifty Shades hysteria has once more reached frenzy status. Every third click on the internet currently lands you on something praising it, condemning it or making a "shades of" pun. Yes. It's 50 shades of in your face. Maybe the teacher in question meant to print something about To Kill a Mockingbird, and her finger slipped, and bam — middle school kids are looking Christian Grey's dark fantasies right in the eye.

Around five kids received the word search — or somehow obtained it while in suspension, depending on who you ask. Most of them immediately recognized it was probably not intended for their pure middle school minds and gave it back. One kid took photos and posted them online and took it home to his parents, who escalated the issue to the school board and the media.


The likelihood here is not that a Fifty Shades superfan decided to give her kids an education in watered-down BDSM. Probably every teacher on the planet recognizes that it's not socially acceptable to teach tweens about the kinds of spankings that aren't doled out legally in front of police officers for disciplinary purposes. It isn't even known for sure whether or not the kids were handed the word searches or whether or not a kid figured out how to download and print them. Still, parents are horrified and angry.

Not shockingly, the school board has classified the incident as a mistake. Fortunately only a few kids were exposed to the scandalous word search. The rest of the students are safe for now, because everyone knows middle schoolers have pure minds and hearts and don't think about sex or look things about sex up online or steal their moms' copies of Fifty Shades.

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