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More sex for single parents

Times have definitely changed for single parents! In the not-too-distant past, single mothers were seen as “spoiled goods” destined to be single for the rest of their lives. Thank goodness we have progressed and, clearly, for the better. New research is showing that single parents of younger children are dating far more than their older counterparts.

A recent study, which examined over 2,000 single parents, found that those with children under 5 years old dated and had sex as much as their peers without children. Having children often results in a disruption in parents’ sex lives, however, it seems that, these days, single parents are dating and having sex more than ever before.

One might imagine that with the demands of a new child, particularly dealing with them alone, sex would be last on a long list of things to do, but this isn’t the case. Women are motivated to have sex because they often want to find a partner again to help share the load and gain adult companionship. Also, those with younger children are younger themselves, which often means that their sex drive is higher.

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While single people generally have less sex than coupled partners, the norm until recently has been that single parents have less sex than those without children. Some conclusions that could be made from this study are that single parenting has become more acceptable within our society, as well as there being a more open attitude to having children out of wedlock.

With the introduction of dating websites and apps, it isn’t too surprising that singles are getting more sex than ever before. Finding a partner to date and have sex with is less complicated than it was some years ago. In fact, there are entire dating websites dedicated to single parents, which makes hooking up a whole lot easier.

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So, if you are a single mum, take heart in knowing that your sex life is as active as your other single friends. Having a child as a single parent no longer needs to be a hindrance to finding love, sex and a partner. Enjoying the dating scene as a single mum may even have its perks. After all, you always get to go home and snuggle with someone you love, regardless of the quality of the date.

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