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Host a Frozen-inspired beach party

Want to keep cool this summer? Throw a beach party to celebrate Disney’s latest animation, Frozen, in cinemas this Boxing Day.

Sand snowman on the beach |

From the creators of Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s latest offering — Frozen — comes just in time to provide some cool relief this summer. In cinemas Boxing Day (in 3D in select cinemas), Frozen and its cast of adorable characters are sure to be a hit with the kids… so why not bring the party home with you?Frozen movie poster |

Forget the traditional beach bash this summer and try something different with this wintery beach party. From sandy snowmen to paper icicles, if you’re looking to throw the coolest party in town this summer, a Frozen-inspired beach party will have you covered.


There’s a beach party in Arendelle and everyone’s invited!

Re-create the winter of Arendelle with twisted sheets of white tissue paper, hanging like icicles from trees, and a sled filled with ice for chilled drinks. If you can’t get your hands on a sled, why not make your own? Simply decorate an esky with a painted cardboard cut-out of a sled to help set the scene.

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While you may not be able to bring snow to your beach party, you can bring sand and it’s kind of the same thing. Create a snowscape by piling crystal white sand on top of a layer of plastic weed cloth and perch your chilly sled esky in the middle. Finish the look with a few leftover Christmas reindeer grazing around the edges.

Finally, don’t forget a doorman — try making Olaf the snowman out of beach balls tied together and decorated with a cardboard nose, arms and eyes. Pop him by the door next to a fan and a bowl of white confetti. As guests arrive, blast them with a confetti blizzard to get them in the party mood.


Ceramic mug |

Create a table fit for the halls of Arendelle. Serve cold drinks in ceramic coffee mugs and offer guests plastic cutlery and plates fit for a queen. Cover the serving table with a white cloth, topped with a layer of sheer and shimmering silver or ice blue fabric, and scatter it with tiny sequins.


Frozen movie poster |

What’s a party without games? It’s time to re-create some beach party favourites by giving them a Frozen twist.

If you have the space, you can get your guests to create snowmen out of sand. Provide a few spray bottles to help them mould their creations, then have a vote for the best-looking sandman.

Or you could set up a snowy waterslide, complete with oodles of wintery bubbles and a foam sled. Time your guests to see who can make it down the fastest, with the winner being crowned Kristoff for the day.

Finally, freeze a selection of beach-themed treasures into a huge iceblock. Provide guests with a few tools — silver spoons or plastic toy tools work well — to dig away at the ice with and let them go home with their ice-picked treasures.

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