Best of Inspirational Mums

Over the past year, we’ve met an amazing group of mums who have inspired us and encouraged us to live our best lives, all while focusing on what matters most. From CEOs to best-selling authors, these mums have truly figured out how to do it all. We’ve rounded up some of the best tips they’ve shared with us.


Find your passion

Juliet Potter

“If you’re not passionate about what you are doing, don’t bother, as it’s the passion that will always pull you through the tough times.”  — Juliet Potter

Potter is a mum of three and the director and owner of Girl Communications and three websites.


Inspiration is everywhere


“Inspiration comes from all around me, whether I am out working in the paddocks, sitting on top of our mountains or tramping through bush spotting brumbies.” — Margareta Osborn

Osborn is a farmer, a mum of three and the number one best-selling Australian rural fiction author.


Take care of yourself

Fiona Johnson

“I now have a theory much like the advice given before every air flight: In case of a crash, attach your own oxygen mask before helping others to attach theirs. I basically make sure that I schedule time in for myself and my passions each week.” — Fiona Johnson

Johnson is a cancer survivor, a mum of two, a rodeo star and an author.


Choose happiness

Lisa Patterson

“I don’t always succeed, but I work really hard at balance. Happiness is not an entitlement; you have to work at it.” — Lisa Patterson-Kane

Patterson-Kane is a clinical psychologist, senior university lecturer and a busy mum of two.


Don’t compare yourself to others

Saimaa Miller

“Don’t compare yourself to others because there’s always going to be someone who seems to be doing better than you. Let your own intuition guide you rather than keeping up with the Joneses…” — Saimaa Miller

Miller is the founder of Bondi’s The Last Resort Organic Spa, a naturopath, an author and a mum of two.


Let your kids into your world

Monica Trapagar

“Finding the right balance is always hard, but I gave up trying to be Superwoman years ago. I think it is really important to involve your kids as much as you can in your own career and teach them as much as you can about the world. ” — Monica Trapaga

Trapaga is a TV personality, a singer, an author, a mum of two and a step-mum of four.


Prioritise and cut yourself some slack

Kate Forster

“Something is always going to lose, so have a look and see what you can drop from your life. Eggs on toast are fine for dinner and don’t worry about the housework too much; it’s just going to get messy again.” — Kate Forster

Forster is a best-selling author and a mum of two.


Don’t lose yourself

Vashti Whitfield

“I think it is so important that along with the different hats that we have to wear, that we also create dedicated time to wear the ones that have gathered perhaps a little too much time in the wardrobe, as they are often the ones that remind us of who we once where, who we now are and who we would most like to be.” — Vashti Whitfield

Whitfield is a writer and a mum of two, among many other things.


Plan ahead

Shelley Barrett

“Plan ahead to keep your sanity! Think about what you have on for the week and arrange to have someone else help out with the kids so you can have downtime for yourself, even if it is just for an hour or two every few days.” — Shelley Barrett

Barrett is a mum of two and the CEO of the beauty brand, ModelCo.

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