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The ultimate guide to an Australian white Christmas

This Christmas, forget the shorts and T-shirts, backyard cricket and the traditional Christmas barbie. This year, we’re going white for the ultimate white Christmas, and the best thing is you don’t even have to leave home.

Dog wearing reindeer antlers |

This year we”ve been inspired by Disney’s new animation Frozen, in cinemas Boxing Day, and we’re going white, for the ultimate white Christmas.If you’ve always wanted to experience a white Christmas, but have never been able to afford to take the whole family somewhere it snows for the holidays, we’re going to help you transform your house, backyard and kitchen so you can enjoy a snowy Christmas in your own backyard.

Hire a snow machine

SnowMaster snow machines create faux snow and have even been used for Disneyland’s annual Christmas show and films like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Day After Tomorrow. Imagine the look on your kids’ faces when they realise their backyard has been transformed into a snowy playground.

Create faux reindeer

Finding reindeer you can borrow might be mission impossible, but with reindeer antlers designed for your pets, you can have your own sleigh-pulling dog.

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Frost your windows

A light frosting on your windows can give your home a cosy, Christmas-y feel. It’s really simple to do and all you need is a can of beer, magnesium sulphate (otherwise know as Epsom salts) and a sponge. Dissolve the salts in the beer, then use the sponge to dab it around the edges of your window frames. When it dries, it will give your windows a frosted appearance. Don’t worry, it comes off with a little elbow grease.

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Serve mulled red wine

Jamie Oliver calls mulled wine Christmas in a glass. This is a traditional winter drink in Europe to warm the cockles of your heart. Essentially, it is heated-up wine with a few spices, cinnamon quills, half a cup of brown sugar and some lemon and orange rind or a few sultanas. You can make a non-alcoholic version with sparkling grape juice for the kids. Not a fan of mulled wine? Serve steaming mugs of hot cocoa instead.

Make snowmen

Make your own snowman. You can go big and mould it out of sand using whatever you can find in the cupboards for his eyes, nose and arms. Alternatively, cotton balls or craft balls with toothpicks are less messy. Use them as centrepieces to decorate the table.

Crank up the air con

Close all the doors and windows and crank up the air conditioner so it’s chilly to experience winter-like temperatures. Rug up with beanies, scarfs, Snuggies and winter coats if it gets too cold.

Roast chestnuts

There’s nothing like the aroma of roasted chestnuts to fill your house with Christmas cheer.

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