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10 Top toys to get your kids outdoors

Remember the Christmas mornings growing up when every kid in the neighbourhood would be out in the street, showing off their brand new bike or scooter? These days, the neighbourhood streets are dead as kids across the country turn on their game consoles and spend the day locked inside. It’s time to encourage your kids to get active! Forget the electronic gadgets, this is the Christmas for outdoor toys.


Banzai Cannonball Splash Waterslide

Banzai Cannonball Splash Waterslide

Your kids will have endless hours of summer fun with this waterslide-and-pool-in-one. An inflatable ramp is the perfect way to get a running start and build up some speed before cannonballing into the splash zone. (, $204)


Little Tikes Adjust ‘n Jam Basketball Set

Little Tikes Adjust 'n Jam Basketball Set

Could you be the mother to a budding Michael Jordan? This outdoor basketball hoop is adjustable so you can set it to the right height for your little ones. It features five adjustment heights and comes with a breakaway ring for your peace of mind. (Target, $99) 


Razor eSpark Scooter

Just one twist of the throttle and the eSpark powers into action. Step on the spark bar to leave behind a blazing trail of sparks. It’s also available as a kick scooter with LED lights to highlight the action. It’s suitable for kids 8 years and over. (Razor eSpark, $269)

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Orbit Jack Hammer Pogo Stick

Orbit Jack Hammer Pogo Stick

Designed to withstand the rough treatment from energetic kids, the Orbit Jack Hammer Pogo Stick is a great incentive to get your kids outside in the fresh air. It also helps develop skills, like balance and coordination. (Discount Toy Co, $44)


Step 2 Extreme Coaster

Winner of the toy of the year, this up-and-down extreme coaster is designed for thrill-seeker kids aged 3 and up. It’s easy to assemble and so much fun. (Step 2 Direct, $460)

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Thumbs Up Inflatable Roller Wheel

Thumbs Up Inflatable Roller Wheel

This roller wheel is designed for pint-sized fun. Whether it’s for roly-polies, climbing through, diving through, sitting in or simply rolling around, the roller wheel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun. (, $131)


HearthSong Buddy Bumper

HearthSong® Buddy Bumper

Slam, wham, bounce and bop in these giant inflatable bumper balls. One is fun, but two buddy bumpers provides hours of hilarious entertainment. Suitable for children aged from 5 to 9. (, $127)


Little Wing Rainbow Skydog Sports Kite

Little Wing Rainbow Skydog Sports Kite

The perfect sports kite to introduce your kids to flying kites. It’s designed especially for beginners, with a slower forward speed for lighter wind conditions. (Kite Smart, $40)


Miniland Bucket Stilts

Miniland Bucket Stilts

Retro bucket stilts are ideal for teaching your little ones balance and coordination. They’re made from durable plastic to withstand rough and tumble handling from fun-loving kids. (, $20)


Wonderland Spin-Out Float

Wonderland Spin-Out Float

With all the fun of a Disney-like spinning tea cup in your own backyard pool, this inflatable tea cup has room for one child while you spin it like an amusement ride. (Pools Australia, $56)

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