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Fun year-by-year scrapbook ideas

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to capture and commemorate special moments and important occasions in your life. But have you ever felt like you have too many memories to celebrate, but not enough time to scrapbook it all? If the feeling is familiar, then perhaps a year-by-year scrapbook project is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Sometimes, the pressure to account for every little memory can actually take the fun out of scrapbooking — which is why a year-by-year scrapbooking project can be so rewarding!

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An annual scrapbook encourages you to capture one special occasion, holiday or date each year. The pressure is off, as one spare Saturday afternoon is all you need to create one or two pages to add to your annual scrapbook. And the end result is a beautiful scrapbook that ages with you and allows you to track your loved ones’ growth and progress over an extended time period.

Here are three suggestions for annual scrapbooks you could create to celebrate your family life.


Celebrate the start of school

Starting school or kindy is a milestone, not only for our children, but also for us as parents: It’s when we send our little ones out into the world and trust that they’ll be fine without us!

Taking photos at the beginning of the school year is the perfect time to capture the memory — after all, the uniforms are still in good condition! — or you might want to wait until later in the year, so you can add photos of your child’s teachers and school events and excursions.

Staring school memories celebrate your family |

Image credit: Simply Kelly Designs

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Start your own Christmas tradition with a beautiful family scrapbook that you can add to every year to celebrate the holiday season. You can use the same template every year if you wish, or get creative with new designs each Christmas — it’s completely up to you and how much time you have on your hands! The idea is to add two pages to your Christmas scrapbook every year, which doesn’t require a huge investment of time or energy on your part, while still allowing you to capture and catalogue your Christmas memories.

Christmas celebration memories celebrate your family |

Image credit: Debbie Hodge

Take photos alongside a treasured doll

Taking annual photos of your kids with their favourite cuddle toy or doll is a wonderful way to chart their growth over the years. Many scrapbookers kick this project off by taking monthly photos while their children are infants, before moving to annual photos from the first birthday onwards.

Scrapbooker extraordinaire Kelly from Simply Kelly Designs went down this path and took monthly photos of her little ones next to their favourite toys.

“My favourite baby layouts are of the monthly photos that I took of my kids in their toddler chair. Kara’s photos had her sitting in the chair with my Cabbage Patch Kids® doll Annabelle,” explains Kelly. “At first, Kara sat in the chair with her doll, but at 5 months they couldn’t both fit. In Kara’s 11-month chair photo, I had to put Cheerios all over the chair to get her to sit in it. She’s actually holding one in her hand!”

The end result is a beautiful album that makes for a wonderful 21st birthday present when your child is all grown up!

Growing up with a doll celebrate your family |

Image credit: Simply Kelly Designs

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