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Animal-themed snacks your kids will love

Is it a jungle at your house? These tasty animal-themed snacks will be sure to tame the tiger within and will be a welcome surprise when your children open their lunch boxes.

Ladybug sandwiches

If your child loves snacks then it’s time to think outside the square. Forget boring old cups of crackers and cereal — get creative with these animal-inspired snacks that are sure to turn snores into roars.

Hungry caterpillar

Inspired by the popular children’s book by Mem Fox, this hungry caterpillar is sure to satisfy even the most ravenous little bug.

All you need to do is set out a handful of grapes in a wiggly pattern on a plate and pop some sultanas underneath as legs. Then, pop a cherry tomato at one end of your wiggly grape caterpillar to serve as a head. You can decorate it with hummus or cream cheese for eyes, topped with sultanas to finish off the look.

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Piggy sandwich

If you’ve got a hungry wolf in your house then it’s time to serve up a little piggy sandwich (or three).

Simply top a piece of bread with a slice of round ham, cutting the crusts off around it so you have a circular base. Then top with a slice of cheese cut into a round snout and two corn chips as ears. Decorate with two squirts of tomato sauce for eyes and nostrils and let your little one wolf them down.

Fluffy sheep

Leftover risotto makes excellent arancini balls and do you know what arancini balls look like? Fluffy sheep!

Simply roll up leftover risotto into small, flattened balls, coat in a mixture of beaten egg then roll in breadcrumbs until each patty is completely coated. Shallow-fry the patties until they are golden and the rice is warmed through.

Shred some lettuce onto a plate as grass then pop a rice ball or two on top. Cut a cucumber or carrot into thin sticks to use as legs and top each ball with small triangles of cheese to look like ears and eyes.

Strawberry mice

Strawberry mice make a great snack or tasty breakfast for fussy eaters.

All you need to do is hull a few strawberries and decorate the pointy end with a tiny dot of melted chocolate for a nose and two small banana chips as ears. Tuck a toothpick or a thin strip of fruit leather into the other end to serve as a tail and you’re good to go.

If you want to get really creative, serve your mice on a plate around a wheel of Babybel cheese with a wedge cut out.

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