Leave a little love: Edible lunch box love notes

Aug 13, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Kids at school spend a lot of time away from you. While for teenagers this may be a blessing, preschoolers and primary-school aged kids welcome little reminders from home — especially when their day isn't quite going to plan.

Young girls looking into lunch bag

Whether you want to give them a little reminder of your love or cheer them up with a funny kid-appropriate joke, here are four ways you can include an edible love note in your child's lunch box.

Eggcellent reminder

Not only are eggs a great little protein pack perfect for school lunch boxes, but they also make a great canvas!

Once you've boiled and cooled your egg it's time to get creative with a food-safe pen. You could draw a face or a heart, or write a joke or loving message on your egg for your child to read before they peel away the shell.


Everyone knows a bump to a banana skin leaves a bruise but did you know you can use it to your advantage?

Drawing on a banana using a safety pin or paperclip is great way to tuck a special message into your child's lunch box. You can write a message or draw something unique to let your little one know you're thinking of them. Better still, there's no chance of your love note getting lost in the box — it'll be right there for your child to see the second they open their lunch.

Edible canvas

Iced biscuits are a great way to include a special love note in your child's lunch box. You can write on a plain iced biscuit with a sugar pen or, if you want a healthier option, you could bake a raisin heart onto a muesli cookie for them to have for morning tea. If you don't have time to bake draw hearts with Nutella or jam on Golden’s® Banana Choc Chip Muffin Bites or Golden® pikelets. If you are really short on time why not check out Golden's® no fuss lunchbox app with templates to help share your love with your kids?

Need a great sugar cookie recipe? Try this edible cookie canvas your kids can make >>

Message on a sandwich board

Do you want to advertise your love for your little one far and wide? Let your child's sandwich do the talking.

Sandwiches are a great medium for love notes and the options are truly endless. You can write a message on the bread using a food-safe sugar pen or pop a message on an open peanut butter sandwich spelled out with sultanas.

Or you could cut your child's sandwich into a heart shape to show them you care. If you don't want to waste the crusts, a great way to tuck a little love message into your child's sandwich is to cut a heart shape from two different types of bread and swap them over so you get the visual of a wholemeal heart in a white sandwich and vice versa.

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