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Best novelty items for your nursery

You’ve got the cot, the change table and the dresser — now it’s time to decorate your nursery. But just what are the best novelty items you can buy?

Your new baby is almost here and you’re busy adding the final touches to his or her nursery. The cot is in place, you have a feeding chair, a change table, a stack of nappies and a dresser. What more do you need?

Truthfully, not much. Babies need much less stuff than you think and for the first few weeks at least you can get by with little more than a box of nappies, a pile of clothes and a safe place to sleep. If you plan on formula feeding your little one then you’ll need bottles and formula to get you started and if you’re breastfeeding then a breast pump and some breast pads won’t go astray.

But even if your newborn doesn’t need much there’s a lot of fun to be had decorating your nursery. In the early days you’ll be spending a lot of time in your little one’s room — feeding them, settling them, playing with them and sleeping with them — so you might as well turn it into a place you want to spend time in!

With that in mind, here are a few nice but not necessary items for your baby’s nursery that will make a room into a retreat.


The tick-tock of a clock can be soothing for your newborn and is essential to keep track of those all too frequent night-time feeds. Choosing a clock that fits the theme of your nursery is simple as there are so many to choose from! You can choose between a wall clock or a table clock — just make sure to keep it out of reach. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are some of our top picks:

Feeling crafty? Here’s a great tutorial on how to make your own record clock >>

  • Colourful clock: A graphic, numerical clock that is perfect for a bright and colourful nursery.
  • Wooden clock: These beautiful clocks are carved from wood into a variety of woodland creature designs.
  • Count the sheep clock: Your little one will sleep easy gazing at this nursery rhyme-inspired leaping sheep clock.

Wall decals

Wall decals are a great way to instantly decorate your new baby’s nursery without having to hang heavy frames. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a decal and as they are so easy to remove you can change the theme each year as your child grows.

Your local Spotlight or baby supply store has a wide range of decals available, or you can shop online at Etsy for an even greater range. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Moon and stars: You love your little one to the moon and back and this decal will remind you of that on those days when junior just won’t go to sleep.
  • Forest: Perfect for a gender-neutral nursery, this pretty tree will have your wee one’s imagination working in overdrive as they spot woodland creatures skittering across their walls.
  • Alphabet: Start the education early with this typographic alphabet wall decal.

Growth charts

That little bundle of joy tucked safely into a bassinet will grow up before you know it. Having a growth chart handy in your nursery is a great way to track your little one’s progress and provides an excellent record of just how much your big kid is growing over the years.

Want to make your own growth chart? Follow this tutorial for an old-school ruler growth chart >>

Again, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a growth chart. You can find a great selection on Etsy to suit any theme or budget or if you’re crafty you can always make your own. If you’re renting don’t despair — you won’t need to hammer anything into the walls with these three favourites:

  • Quilted chart: Bring some vintage charm to your nursery with this customised, quilted growth chart.
  • Tape measure: Great for a gender-neutral room or even your own living room!
  • Vinyl giraffe: How tall is your little one? As tall as a giraffe? Maybe not yet but this stretchy wall decal doubles as a growth chart, perfect for your cheeky monkey.


Getting your little bundle of joy to sleep safely through the night often comes down to making sure you have the temperature of the room just right. Too hot and they’re at risk of SIDS, too cold and they’ll be waking up crying for you to come warm them up.

Finding the right temperature doesn’t mean you need an ugly thermometer stuck to the wall that you can barely read with the light on, let alone in the dark. There are a number of products to choose from — many available from your local baby supply store. Here are three that we love:

Night lights

Young babies, especially newborns, are pretty accustomed to the dark. But if you feel you’d like to add a night light to your baby’s nursery then by all means do. A soft, subtle glow isn’t going to affect your newborn’s sleep patterns and that little bit of light might just make it easier on you during night-time feeds.

The array of night lights to choose from is endless — from soft cuddly teddy bears that light up to stars that project light and sound. Here are three that we think are worth taking a look at:

  • Teddy glow: Perfect for the baby who likes something to snuggle, this teddy can be lit up by your toddler at any time of night for reassurance.
  • Starry night: Projects soft, starry lights onto the celing and provides soothing sounds, perfect to lull your infant into a deep sleep.
  • All-in-one: A clock, a thermometer and a night light all wrapped up in a stylish, bright star.

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