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5 ways to connect with your partner as a new mum

The baby’s here and you can’t believe the new love you have in your life, but what about the love for your partner?

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The baby’s here and you can’t believe the new love you have in your life, but what about the love for your partner?

While it can be so easy to get swept up in your new task at hand — caring for your newborn — now is the time to connect with your partner and strengthen your bond even more.

It doesn’t mean leaving baby out of the picture, you can also find ways to grow your love as a new family.

Time to talk

Whether it’s over breakfast or after the baby has settled in the evening, taking the time to talk can be a powerful bonding tool.

Ask each other about your day, what your best parenting moment has been so far or just chatter about the daily news. Just be sure that you also listen to what your partner has to say, especially if it’s covering an important topic.

The parenting experts at the Raising Children Network explain, “Good listening is the most important communication skill you have. Good listening can help you understand an issue from your partner’s point of view, and put you in touch with how he or she feels about it.”

Dating at home

We all know it’s hard for new parents to get out on a date night, so bring the date to you at home.

While your husband is settling the baby for an afternoon nap or evening sleep, set up a beautiful date scene outside. This will remove both of you from the inside where you’ll see chores that need to be done, technology and baby items.

Make things easy for yourself and pick up a roast chicken and pre-made salads from the store so you don’t have to waste precious time cooking.

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Take a walk

Daily exercise at a slow pace is great for new mums, but you can also use this as an opportunity to bond as parents. Put the bub in their pram or a carrier and take the time to go for a walk around the block, through the park or by the beach.

Sometimes being outside of the home and walking side by side can give you the opportunity to open up or just enjoy each other in comfortable silence.

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The small things

We’re sure that since your new baby has arrived your partner has taken care of lots of chores and cared for you as you’ve recovered.

For one day or evening, turn the tables and take care of him to show him how much you appreciate the support he has offered. The Raising Children Network says even small offerings will be appreciated.

“Small gestures that show your partner that you care can… do the trick. This might be just a cup of tea or offering your partner a sleep-in when tiredness sets in.”

Commit to an event

Think about a favourite hobby or experience that you and your partner enjoy or that you might enjoy as a family and stick to it as a commitment towards reconnecting.

Whether it’s season tickets to the footy, a once-a-month bush walk, the weekly farmer’s markets or a subscription to cable TV so you can watch Saturday’s game, find something you’ll love doing together and stick to it.

It’ll not only provide the opportunity to grow your love, it will give both of you something to look forward to at a time when all the days seem to roll into one.

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