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Fun ways to announce your pregnancy

Your pregnancy isn’t just a welcome surprise for you, but for your family and friends too.

Happy couple finding out about pregnancy

That big surprise

Your pregnancy isn’t just a welcome surprise for you, but for your family and friends too. Don’t just tell them the news — turn the announcement into a special event.

It’s that special time in your life to make a big annoucenment, so have a little fun with the way you do it.

You only have to look online to see the amazingly creative ways that mothers-to-be are telling the world they have a bun in the oven.

It’s totally up to the individual or couple about when they decide to share the news. There is no right time or “pregnancy week”, although many wait until the 12-13-week mark when the miscarriage risk is decreased. Others, however, announce it as soon as they know as they want the support of their nearest and dearest.

The present with more

If someone close to you is having a birthday or special day such as Mother’s Day or Christmas, you can create an extra special wrapped gift containing:

  • The actual pregnancy stick (in a snap lock bag and maybe only for your closest family)
  • A picture of the first scan in a picture frame
  • A grandmother or grandfather-specific birthday card
  • A tiny little baby outfit that will give them the biggest clue ever

You can also create a piece of art as the gift that announces the big news, e.g. you could paint a canvas with the estimated due date.

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It’s a sign

Sometimes the cheekiest and most effective way to spring your news on someone can be via a sign. We don’t mean wear a sandwich board or carry a banner, instead consider one of these cute alternatives:

  • A t-shirt for you that says there’s a little one inside or “baby on board”
  • A pastel-coloured cake or cupcakes, specially iced with your news, due date or baby motifs
  • A specially-made fortune cookie with the best message inside.

The literal approach

If you’re having friends over for dinner, one idea is to play on the most infamous pregnancy one-liner.
Pop a simple bread roll (bun) in your kitchen oven and ask your guests to “help” you in the kitchen. When they go to remove the dinner from the oven, they’ll have a humorous little puzzle on their hands.

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Help from the older sibling

If this isn’t your first baby then why not get the sibling-to-be involved in sharing the good news? Not only will it be cute, but it’s an exciting way to get them involved and used to the idea of a new baby coming.

You can easily buy “Big Sister” and “Big Brother” t-shirts, or badges, balloons and hats and have them wear it when you are going to visit your family and friends.

Pop singer, Jessica Simpson, recently had her daughter’s help in announcing her second pregnancy. While on holiday, Simpson took a photo of Maxwell sitting on the sand above a message saying “Big Sis” and then shared the pic online.

If your kid is old enough you can always tell them the secret and give them the nod when they can share the news at a family gathering.

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