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Inspirational mums: Chatting with Kate Forster

This Aussie mum of two is turning pages with her witty best-selling books in the UK.

Kate Forster’s life has done a major U-turn from crippling depression to best-selling author, all while raising two children in her Melbourne home.

Her first novel The Perfect Location was a best seller in Britain last year and had Hollywood producer, Mike Karz, wanting to turn her work into a silver screen rom-com.

Forster has just released her latest work, Seduction, a delicious chick lit novel filled with passion, betrayal and a touch of glam as it details the life of a former Aussie movie star left to recreate herself after a humiliating divorce.

Sit back and enjoy getting to know Forster — her honest responses along with her love for TV (and champagne) will leave you wanting her to be your next best friend.

SheKnows Australia: Describe yourself in one sentence.

Kate Forster: A very, very lucky woman.

SKAU: Who is in your family?

KF: My husband is David, my daughter is Tansy, 16, and my son is Spike, 12. My dogs are Bert and Charlotte.

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SKAU: What do you call home?

KF: I live in a Melbourne beachside suburb in a house that is 100 years old and needs a new fence.

SKAU: How many different hats do you wear on a daily basis?

KF: Every day I do “the dance of the many hats” swapping from mother to wife, to daughter, to sister, to friend, chef, driver, laundress, activities and events coordinator, gardener and, when that’s all over, I pop on my writer’s hat and the world disappears for a while.

SKAU: How do you balance the demands of parenting with your relationships, career and hobbies?

KF: I had my children when I was young and so it’s easier now to find some balance in my life. I couldn’t write with very young children. It would create inferior stories and inferior children. Both need time and attention to form properly.

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SKAU: What are you most proud of that you’ve achieved, both in your personal life and in your career?

KF: I am proud of my children and them becoming people who are creative and will contribute to the world.

Personally, I am really proud of writing my first book. Starting and finishing anything is actually the hardest part.

SKAU: If you had an hour to yourself (or an entire day!), what would you love to do?

KF: Watch a Million Dollar Decorators marathon while drinking tea and talking to the television.

SKAU: What do you love most about being a mum?

KF: Seeing my children evolve and becoming their true selves. It’s incredible to witness.

SKAU: What has surprised you the most or been the biggest challenge about becoming a parent?

KF: How much your kids can annoy you even though you love them.

SKAU: What is the best advice you’ve heard or could offer other mothers juggling hectic schedules?

KF: Something is always going to lose, so have a look and see what you can drop from your life. Eggs on toast are fine for dinner and don’t worry about the housework too much, it’s just going to get messy again.

You can keep up-to-date with Forster via her colourful blog.

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