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Preparing for back to school

Back to school time is fast approaching and if you want to avoid the last-minute madness, then take a few moments now to make sure you have everything organised for the start of the new school year.


Name, name, name

Whether you purchase labels or simply write onto stationery and uniforms with a black pen, it is absolutely essential that every single item that goes to school with your child is clearly labelled with their full name. That also goes for socks, underwear and shoes (especially in the early years) as your little ones are very likely to engage in some enthusiastic water play, painting activities or they may even have a little toileting accident. Losing clothing or other belongings is not only frustrating, but it can also be very expensive, so make it easy for your items to come back to your child if they do get lost.


Covering books

You either love it or hate it, but covering books is a necessary back to school task. The books need to be protected so that they last the whole year and it also helps your child to recognise their own books in the classroom. Let your child pick out some fun and colourful adhesive covers or, for an easier option, you can choose from a huge range of slip-on protective covers, which only take a few seconds to attach.


Choose your shoes wisely

Shoes are a big investment and it’s advised to purchase the best quality that you can afford. Growing feet need lots of support so it’s important that shoes are professionally fitted to ensure the correct sizing. Avoid the temptation to buy shoes in a size up in the hope that they last the whole year, as this can damage little feet as well as being a tripping hazard.


Food and drink

Encourage your child’s independence by showing them how to open their lunch box and any smaller containers inside. Drink bottles should also be easy to open up for refilling during the day. If the lunch box will not be refrigerated during the day, consider purchasing an insulated lunch bag, which will help to stop foods from spoiling.



Your children will look to you for how to feel about this exciting time. Talk to them about all the wonderful things they can look forward to — new friends, fun activities and kind teachers. As much as we love school holidays, there is always much anticipation about a new school year and if you can be positive when discussing this with your child, they too will look forward to going back to school with a sense of excitement and wonder.

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