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10 Things Kate should do before the royal baby comes

Like any expectant mother there are a few things Kate should squeeze in before the big delivery.

While the world waits eagerly for the arrival of the royal baby, the Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) might want to revel in the freedom of being child-free.

Like many first-time mums before her, Kate should consider taking advantage of the quiet time before her due date. While we may be skeptical because she will have formal help, Kate and Wills are likely to be more determined than royals before them to remain hands-on and indepdendent.

The pregnant royal might like to fit in some of the following activities over the coming months:


While her extreme morning sickness has probably kept her in bed for many days, as her due date nears Kate should take advantage of languishing in bed in the mornings. Soon she’ll be operating on interrupted sleep and immediate wake-ups.

Late nights

On the flip side of sleep, Kate might also like to plan a few nights out where her and Wills can go to parties, dinners or events without having to worry about getting to bed before their baby wakes them up in the wee hours of the morning.

Long showers and bubble baths

A luxurious bath or long, lazy showers will soon be difficult to take. So, Kate should block out a night and soak in a tub without having to hear if the baby is up. A few candles could also make it a romantic escape.

Date nights

If there’s a restaurant Kate’s ever wanted to try or movies to be watched, now is the time for her to do them. Time alone with Wills will also be invaluable as they prepare to become parents.

Beauty sessions

A trip to the spa with her sister Pippa is just one way Kate can get some pampering time in. Many beauty places offer special pregnancy pamper sessions that help with the aches and pains her growing belly will bring.


Wills and Kate might like to book in a delicious weekend getaway or mini holiday ahead of her due date. This may be the last time they can take advantage of island getaways or couples-only destinations.


Whether it is the weekend newspaper or books by her favourite author, this quiet time is perfect for getting in continuous time for reading.

Cook and freeze

Kate has been known to enjoy cooking and joked about how much better she is at it than Wills in their engagement interview. If there’s a special dish she loves it might be a great idea to cook and freeze ahead of her baby’s arrival.

Build memories

Even though her pregnancy will probably become one of the most photographed, the first pregnancy is also a special time for Kate and Wills to create their own memories. A special photoshoot, shopping for their own outfits or creating the nursery on their own are all ways they can ensure this is just about them.

Long drives

Very soon, long, carefree drives will become a thing of the past. Wills and Kate should get in their car and head for the hills on a fancy-free day trip. Stop at cafes, stroll in the woods and enjoy the freedom of taking their time when outdoors.

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