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Names for the Royal baby

As part of the Commonwealth, Australia might be able to provide some inspiration for royal baby names

Baby name inspiration
prince william and kate middleton

As bump watch begins for the Duchess of Cambridge (the former Kate Middleton), speculation is also beginning to swirl around what name will be bestowed upon the royal baby.

As with many families, there will of course be traditional family names to choose from. The couple, however, could also take inspiration from Australia, one of their close Commonwealth countries.

Blue blood monikers

British media and betting agencies are already showing hot favourites from within the royal family tree. The Mail Online is claiming that Elizabeth is the number one choice, given it is the name of the Queen, the late Queen Mother and Kate’s great-grandmother.

Other aristocratic names for a baby girl include Diana and Frances, both names of Wills’s mother. Anne, Mary and Victoria also make the list.

Should there be a little prince, obvious choices could include Philip (after the Queen’s husband) or Charles after William’s father. Blue blood is also associated with the names Andrew, George and Edward, or possibly James, which is also the name of Kate’s brother. There is also Michael, which is Kate’s father’s name.

Aussie inspiration

Should the royal couple, known for their modern and independent ways, want to add a fresh touch to the full name of their baby, they could seek inspiration from the land down under.

Earlier this year SheKnows announced the most popular baby names in Australia, including William, Jack, Ethan and Oliver for boys, and Lilly, Ruby, Chloe and Mia for girls.

Other inspiration, however, could include a name after our great city Adelaide. The woman’s name is best known as being that of the wife of William IV of the United Kingdom. It’s also a local celebrity favourite with actress Rachel Griffiths naming her first daughter that.

Consideration could also be given to the names of the Queen’s representatives in Australia. The current Governor General Quentin Bryce is the first woman to hold the position, while other representatives include Issac, William and Tennyson.

Among the vast amount of names to choose from, the good news for the royal couple is that tradition shows blue blood children receive several names. The Prince himself’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis and he uses Wales as his last name, given he is the Prince of Wales. So, they will have plenty of room to honour ancestors and bring in something new.

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