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DIY Hanukkah gelt stocking

Looking for a unique way to give the .jpgt of gelt this Hanukkah? Our handmade gelt stockings will hold all the gelt your child needs and they can even light their own felt light each night!

felt hanukkah stockings

During Hanukkah it’s customary to give gelt, or money, to children in an effort to teach them the importance of charity and good deeds. To build on the festive holiday spirit you can give gelt every night during the Festival of Lights in the form of money or chocolate coins — whatever you prefer.

Younger children will love the idea of having their own gelt stocking garland strung in their room during Hanukkah. This easy-to-make felt stocking garland can even be “lit” every night to help the little ones count the nights of Hanukkah and can be reused year after year in what will soon become a favourite family tradition.

Hanukkah gelt stockings


  • 8 squares of light blue felt
  • 1 square of white felt
  • 1 square of yellow felt
  • Needle and thread (or glue)
  • 1.5 metres of white ribbon


felt gelt stocking


First, cut out a stocking pattern in the felt. You will need 16 shapes all up to make eight stockings

felt gelt stocking


Next, cut out eight small rectangles out of white fabric that can be used to make a candle motif on the stocking. Then cut out eight small yellow flames to fit the candles.

felt gelt stocking


Sew or glue each of the 16 stockings together to make eight stockings in total. Sew or glue on the white candles, reserving the yellow flames for later.

felt gelt stocking


Finally, stitch or glue each stocking to the ribbon to make a garland. Fill with gelt and hang in your child’s room or a living area. Each night, let your child stick on a yellow flame (the felt will stick on without any glue but if you’re worried, you can use velcro to help it stay in place) and open the corresponding stocking.

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