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These DIY Chore Charts Will Make Cleaning Fun (Yes, Really)

Let’s be honest: The words “fun” and “cleaning” rarely go hand in hand — for kids or adults. But that’s where chore charts come in. Yes, chore charts and more charts! We know parents already have plenty of ways to (attempt to) keep their busy lives on track: marked-up wall calendars detailing all appointments and meetings, a DIY to-do list for personal tasks and, as a last resort, several phone alarms and notifications so you forget nothing. But what about the kids? They probably don’t have a Google Cal yet (one can only hope), so why not gather the arts and crafts supplies and have them create their own cute-as-hell chore chart? You never know. It might actually get them excited to pick up after themselves and help keep the family home clean (a seemingly impossible task, we know).

Ready to sit down with the kids and have a little fun before you dig into the housework? We found plenty of DIY chore charts for you to choose from.

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A DIY corkboard

DIY cork board chore chart
Image: Momtastic

Momtastic has a very on-trend, super-cute corkboard chore chart. As chores are completed, your kids are responsible for moving the chores from the top portion to “Done.” Easy as that.

Now, putting it together is a different story. It’s a little time-consuming and does require some supplies, including washi tape, a hot glue gun and printed chore chart icons (which you can find on Design Blog or on Pinterest for free). But it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Spinning chore chart

spinning DIY chore chart
Image: All Things Thrifty

If this isn’t the flashiest and most adorable chore chart you’ve ever seen…

Your kids will have a blast spinning this DIY chart. The coolest part is that these are made with lazy Susans from Ikea, because #innovation. You might want to do the spray-painting part of this without your kids, but they can at least help you choose the icons displayed on the wheels.

Work for hire

Ticket DIY chore chart
Image: Dawn Nicole Designs

This one looks like a whole lot of fun. For every chore your kids complete, they get a certain number of tickets. Each ticket earns them $0.25 each and are cashed out once they collect $5 worth — at least that’s how Dawn Nicole Designs does it. You can do the pricing (and math) however you’d like.

Cookie sheet chore chart

cookie sheet chore chart
Image: Craftaholics Anonymous

A cookie sheet — who would’ve thought? Craftaholics Anonymous definitely lives up to its name with this really easy chore chart made with a spray-painted cookie sheet, washi tape, magnets and printables.

Use magnets

metal board hangars and magnets chore chart
Image: MoreThanAMemoryAK/Etsy

Put these up and just watch: Your kids will probably start fighting over the magnets and their corresponding chores. The best part is you don’t have to make anything by hand. Simply order the metal board hangers and the magnets from MoreThanAMemoryAK on Etsy, put them up, and you’re done.

Pull a stick, any stick

sticks chore jar DIY
Image: Whatever Dee-Dee Wants

When in doubt, go the “pull a stick from the jar” route. This classic chore sticks jar takes it up a notch with custom printables from Whatever Dee-Dee Wants, which you can get right here.

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A ring of chores

DIY chore ring
Image: Meaningful Mama

Your kids will have a blast helping you out with this chore ring. Kids can trace the woodsies (the thin wood pieces, all in different shapes) onto bright, colorful paper, cut them out, and Mod Podge the paper onto them.

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