Unique extra-curricular activites for your teens

Do you have a passion to get involved? Why not help your teenager stand out and get them along to join some unique extra-curricular activities? Ones outside the box.

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Many extra-curricular activities can be quite boring but it helps educationally for your children to participate and get involved.

When choosing an extra-curricular activity for your teenager, the best way to find out what they are suited to joining is to have them make a list of their passions and go from there. That way you know that they will really enjoy the extra-curricular activity that they have been signed up to participate in.


Book-related groups

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If you love reading and books are your passion, why not head down to your public library or have a look around your area and find what book groups are available to join. You can join your library groups and help rally to save libraries, organise petitions, discuss books with like-minded people and stand up and be an activist for your local library. Or is there a particular genre or area of books that you love to read? Why not have a look around your community and see if there are any groups that specialise in genre or book areas, e.g. Bookrapt — this is a group of like-minded book lovers and focuses on children’s literature.


Film-related groups

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Are you a lover of movies who prefers to watch things on the big screen? Do you have a fascination with foreign and arty films rather than those that are mainstream? Many communities that have a film theatre that plays foreign and arty films also host a local film society where other lovers of film get together to watch the films and discuss them in lengthy conversations and, more often than not, share a meal together before or after the movie. Some film clubs also allow members the opportunity to make their own movies whether it be production, script-writing, directing or acting.


Writing-related groups

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Are you setting yourself a goal to be a writer? Is writing a strong passion of yours and you see it one day turning into something great? No matter where you live, there will always be writing groups in all sorts of genres that you can join. You may also find you are one of the youngest there by a long shot but you will learn a lot. Groups include Writers Group, Romance Writers Society, Christian Writing Group and Mystery/Thrillers. If you are wanting to get into publishing, do some investigating as many writers societies have connections or they may be like the Tauranga Writers Society, which has started its own publishing company, Oceanbooks — www.oceanbooks.co.nz.

This is only a snippet of different extra-curricular options available. The world is your oyster and you can join groups from a sports group to bird watching to learning a culture/language or building houses for Habitat for Humanity. It’s just a matter of searching the web and flipping through your phone book or newspaper to find an extra-curricular activity that jumps out at you.

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