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Games and activities you can do with your teen

When our children get to that age, it can be quite hard to connect with them as most teens don’t like to spend time with their families.

Mother cooking with daughter

Do not be dismayed though because, whether they like to admit it or not, teenagers still love to spend the occasional time with their family and join in on the fun and enjoyment that is derived from games and activities. Here are some ideas for games and activities you can do with your teen that they won’t find boring.

lip glossGlitz and glam

If you have a teenage girl, then this is a perfect activity that can be an enjoyable mother-daughter event. Take your daughter out on the town for some pampering. The pair of you can get your hair done at the local hairdressers, have your make-up done, head out shopping and, if the budget allows, conclude the day by going out for dinner.

Cultural connections

An activity that can be gender-neutral and will suit both teenage boys and girls is exploring a different culture by putting their cooking skills to the test. The pair of you can decide on a particular country and you can research the type of food that they love to eat. Once decided, head out to your local supermarket and pick up ingredients for your chosen meal and, if you wish to make a big thing of the night, have your teen decorate the kitchen in the country’s theme. This way, your child not only gets an educational perspective but they are also given the chance to be creative and eat — and we all know how much teens love their food.

Creating an art project

This activity can be a father-son project or it can inspire a mother-daughter get-together. Is there a project or something that your teen has wanted to get their hands on and try? It could be a carpentry project building a new table or outside chair or an art project creating a scrapbook of all their photos. If your teen isn’t exactly sure what he or she wants to do, head down to your local shopping centre as they will have lots of creative project kits available for purchase.

Movie night

Everyone loves movies, especially teens. Is there a movie they have been dying to watch? A movie that captures both of your attention? Why not head down to your local video shop or if you have a big DVD collection, raid it and pick a movie you haven’t seen in a while or have wanted to check out. You can then buy snacks to eat and drink while watching the film.

When planning games and activities that you can do with your teen, it pays to make sure you know what they are into and, if you need help deciding on what to do, just ask your teen for input as they will let you into their world and tell you what they enjoy.

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