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Playful holiday decorating ideas

The Christmas season is upon us and that means it’s time to go and lug out the box of Christmas decorations again. Wanting to try something new and set a different tone for these holidays? Why not go with a playful theme when decorating this Christmas.

This Christmas go out and treat yourself to new decorations and turn your household into a Christmas wonderland. It’s goodbye to the traditional green Christmas tree and sayonara to the green and red theme that has surrounded Christmas for centuries.

Christmas tree

Out with the old and in with the new and, if you are in a playful mood this Christmas season, why not go out and purchase a new artificial tree. Get one in purple, white, blue, orange or gold.


Quirkiness is in so why not decorate your tree with baubles that are brightly coloured in shades of hot pink, electric green and atomic turquoise. Add colours this Christmas and surround yourself with brightness and cheeriness.

Christmas wreaths

Sick of the boring green wreaths complete with the mistletoe and holly that you see hanging on people’s doors and walls? Instead, you can choose to purchase a white wreath and if you want to colour it, food colouring works wonders. Or if you come from an artistic family and are going with a summer Christmas theme, head down to the beach or bush and grab some sticks, shells or leaves and create your own summer-themed wreath. Instead of mistletoe and holly, you could cut out some pictures of buckets and spades, thongs and summery objects to decorate your wreath with.

Advent calendars

Trying to keep a healthy diet this Christmas? Not keen on your children having chocolates? Why not create your own version of Advent calendars. By grabbing an old sheet and sewing on 24 little pockets with the un-used part of the sheet, you can then fill the Advent calendars with your own treats to suit your family and children e.g. a packet of coloured pencils if they are budding artists or you can buy presents from the $2 shop and have them wrapped with the child’s name.

Coordinate with the season

Christmas has always been about snow and fireplaces but this Christmas, celebrate it with a summer twist. Decorate your tree with thongs, ice-cream cones etc… Make it into a whole family affair and have them join in the creating of homemade summer decorations for the tree.

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