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Make your own fairy wings

Do you have to create a costume for your little girl? Making your own fairy wings can be an activity for parents and kids. By using a few commonly found household items, you can make a pair of fairy wings. Arm your little one with glitter and paint and let her design her own patterns. Get creative and let the fun begin!

little girl wearing fairy wings

Making wings

What you will need:

  • 4 wire coathangers
  • Wire cutters
  • Strong tape
  • 2 pairs of women’s stockings
  • Ribbon


  1. The first job requires a bit of muscle so it might be best done by an adult. Get all four coathangers and unfurl the hooks at the top and untwist where the wire joins together. You may need to use pliers to get a good grip on the ends of the wire if it’s tough.
  2. Grabbing the straight part of the hanger base in one hand and the unfurled pieces in the other, pull the hanger outwards to create an oval shape. Twist the open ends together so that you have a closed oval shape. Do this to all four hangers — you might like to create two to be fatter and rounder, with the other two slightly slimmer in width and smaller.
  3. Lay the two slimmer hangers in a slight upside down V shape to create the bottom wings. Make sure the bits of twisted hanger overlap. Then place the two rounder hangers in a slight V shape above the bottom wings, making sure all four bits of twisted wire are overlapping. Now you can see the outline shape of the wings.
  4. This may require a little fiddling but start twisting and hooking all of the ends of the hangers together. Use the tape to group the hangers together in the middle and cover any pointy ends.
  5. Take your women’s stockings and cut off the tops so that you have four long tubes of stocking. Pull one stocking over one “wing” section and continue until all four sections are covered. In the centre, at the end of each stocking, pull it up towards you and tie in a knot. Make sure all the knots are on the same side as this will be the bit that sits up against the girl’s back, not showing on the outside. You might want to use scissors to trim off any stocking that is hanging out of the knot.
  6. Using your ribbon, cut two long strips that will be long enough to be attached to the wings and then go up over the shoulders, under the arms and secured together on the back, underneath the wings. Once you have long enough pieces, tie one end of each ribbon strip in the centre of the wings, making sure the knot is on the inside that will sit on the back. If you want, cut a third strip of ribbon and wrap it around all the joins and knots in the middle of the wings (just to neaten the appearance).
  7. You should now have a pair of fairy wings! Let your kids go crazy decorating the wings with fabric paints, glitter, glue, sequins etc.

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