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Delicious snacks for Santa

Here are five different ways Santa can be fed on his busiest night of the year!

Poppin' Paper Cups

Every kid loves to leave a little treat out for Santa the night before Christmas. Here are some neat ideas that the kids can help make and prepare before the man in red makes his much-anticipated appearance!

Poppin’ paper cups

Get them bouncing around in excitment as you prepare some popcorn (on the stovetop or in the microwave depending on the product you use). Once the popcorn is cool enough to handle, let the kids fill Christmas-themed cupcake wrappers and set aside with a little card.

Wobbly Jelly

Wobbly jelly

Just like his belly, Santa might like a delicious cup of jelly. Double up on the cooking duties and make the jelly dessert for your family and Santa (make the morning before Christmas). Fill cups with apple pieces and jelly for something different. Keep one glass aside for Santa and let the kids decorate it with Christmas stickers or tinsel.



Maybe the big guy could do with a little sandwich — peanut butter, vegemite or jam? Ask the kids to cut out shapes in the bread using Christmas-themed cookie cutters (we’ve used X-mas trees) and then prepare the sandwich with a spread of choice.

Creative Cookie

Creative cookie

We’ve all heard of leaving cookies out for Santa. So, how about letting your kids personalise pre-made cookies? We’ve used Wagon Wheels because they had a nice big surface to decorate with icing pens. You could also use sprinkles or cachous.

Snack sticks

Snack sticks

Santa is very busy on Christmas Eve and may not have time to stop. Bundle up a little treat for him to take on his way. Maybe use sticks of carrot, celery or capsicum. We’ve also used pretzel sticks which are usually found around Christmas time.


Sometimes it’s not just about the food you leave out but also how. Get the kids to have a creative playtime writing a card or letter for Santa. They can decorate the card, plates or glasses with stickers, ribbons, sprinkles, confetti etc.

For the parents

Encourage your kids to leave Santa’s treats somewhere obvious like near the Christmas tree, on the coffee table, dinner table or kitchen bench so that they have a particular spot to check the next morning. Maybe also somewhere they can’t see “Santa” eating it from their bedroom during the night.

Once the kids have (reluctantly) gone to bed, make sure “Santa” remembers to take a few nibbles of the food (or eats it altogether) and maybe leaves a little thank you note for their kind gesture!

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