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How to determine your maternity bra size

Your belly isn’t the only thing swelling as pregnancy progresses. Your bustline will likely undergo some changes, as well. And if you’re a nursing mum, your post-pregnancy breasts will present some sizing challenges, as well.

Maternity bra

We spoke with the fit experts at one of our favourite maternity brands, Cake Lingerie, to find out the best way to buy a maternity bra.

Much of the way you find your bra size while pregnant and nursing is the same as when you’re not…but being prepared for common size fluctuations can ensure you’re prepared with a supportive, comfortable bra throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Maternity bra sizing tips from Cake Lingerie

While many bra fit experts recommend buying a normal bra that fits well on the loosest hook, to allow you to tighten the band as it wears, Cake Lingerie says the opposite is true when choosing a pregnancy bra. Select a bra that comfortably fits to the near-tightest hook, to accommodate the ribcage as it expands from trimester two and on. When selecting a nursing bra, it’s important to use the original advice and find a bra that fits well on the loosest hook, so that you can tighten the band as your ribs once again contract.

Pregnancy and, more importantly, nursing is the time to really treat your breasts right. As they swell, it’s important to support them. And during nursing, proper support can reduce the risk for plugged ducts. Cake Lingerie says you’ll know the bra fits right when your breasts appear separated and fit clearly into each cup. No flattened or squashed bosoms here, please! Also, make sure your bra fits under and behind all breast tissue for the most comfortable and flattering fit.

Finally, your size will change! If you only need to increase your band size, Cake Lingerie recommends dropping a cup size, or vice versa. So, if you’re a 10F at the start of pregnancy and find yourself needing a larger band, try a 12E. Realize that your size will most likely vary with each pregnancy so you’ll need to be re-sized to ensure the best comfort and support.

Naughty & Nice

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